Cheeseless State (cheez’ luss stayt): N. one of the sad, bleak regions of the lesser United States that is not under the rule of Sauron Governor Scott Walker; not Scansin

Euniverse, the (yoo’ nih-vers): N. (also E-Universe, which looks stupid and does not roll off the tongue) the totality of unrestricted writing in the form of web logs, combined with the Greek prefix -eu, meaning well, pleasant, good, or fit–after all, both the universe and the Euniverse are beautiful things

just-the-facts-Jack (just-the-fakts’ jak): N. an attitude of paying no regard to consequences nor the fear of being regarded as a loon

Land of Cheese, The: N. Wisconsin, for God’s sake! (used for the purpose of not blowing my cover); Scansin; not California

qorporate (kor’ por-it): adj. of, from, or pertaining to a building filled with qubes; bullshit (oops!)  Usage note: Never to be used as a noun, as some ignorant salespeople do, as in “I reported my outstanding success to Qorporate.”  That’s right up there with using the word “product” as a plural noun, which is acceptable only in Deutschland.  Maybe.

qorporate wellness (kor’ por-it wel’ niss): N. the ultimate oxymoron; an impossibility in the good Lord’s universe and against all laws of nature and human nature; a fantasy contrived by…oh forget it, it just ain’t happenin’

qorporation (kor-por-ay’ shun): N. a building filled with qubes, in which upright beings are contained in order to decrease their self-esteem, preventing them from slithering out of their qubes to actually live

qube (kyoob): N. a holding pen for a corporate zombie, typically equipped with low, padded walls in a pukey hue; a career module; a cubicle

Qube (kyoob): N. the holding pen for Holly (who valiantly struggles against a state of corporate zombiehood), equipped with low, padded walls in a pukey rose hue; Holly’s career module (blecch)

rebuilding (ree-bil’ ding): N. the ongoing process of making refinements to one’s life in order to reach fulfillment, without concern whether perfection is or is not attainable, often undertaken as a major life change; adjusting one’s course or path


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