Bright Stars in the Euniverse

These are some of the blogs that entertain me no end, shine bright among the rest, and sometimes align to point the way.  Please check them out!

The funniest of runners (though I suspect she may be serious), her blogging critters, her injuries, and let’s call the rest “adventures.”  Meet Terri Lee: Run. Dog. Cat. Me.

An all-around great read from the South, poetic, inspirational, insightful, but with an edge.  Lynne is worth checking out on a daily basis: Free Penny Press

A poet, an artist with words, a dear heart, Marina Sofia: Finding Time to Write

Redemption’s Heart…the musings of an old friend with a great sense of humor and a really unique life, and she’s thanking God for all of it: http:/

A former (and future?) triathlete with a lot of fortitude (don’t laugh at me, G-Dog), a lot to tell the world and a great angle to do it from:

A man who can really cook and has inspired many dinners for me.  (Hey, you gotta eat!)  The Ranting Chef:

Yet another runner, JFT, Middle-Aged Woman (newly) On The Run, who dishes up her journey with a lot of humor and a bit of sass:



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