I can’t even make a joke here. Hello. Nice to meet you.

Yep, I’ve been busy writing my ever-nodey arthritic fingers off on that book of mine, hoping to make a nice stack of scrap paper to keep forever and ever in the heap of crap on my dishwasher. Well…I’m actually more optimistic than that. The Thing has reached a great enough length that I sometimes go back and fail to recognize words that I wrote months ago. “Wow! That’s really nice! Great writing, whoever the brilliant author is…” I’m sure this tendency could work against me in the end, resulting in a completely disorganized story with threads like a cat’s hairball. Oh well–I’m trying! Still having a lot of fun with the process. Still entirely uncertain when The Thing will be completed and to a finished-enough state that I feel confident in trying to snag a publisher. And then maybe I can get a crack editor to convince me to rewrite it. And then…?

(And then, for one, I try to come up with enough cash to convince a certain ubertalented photographer/skeleton assembler/all-purpose artiste to design a cover for me. Just sayin.’)

So here I am to incriminate myself further. Things are going relatively smoothly at the Qorp. My Qube is fairly peaceful these days. That’s usually a sign of impending doom. I am still quite at peace with the supervisor with whom I’d had such difficulty in the early years of my job. Even she freely admits she was mean to me. It’s been a great effort to find peace and even friendship with each other, but we do just fine now. I would never have anticipated that…And of course, the male co-worker with whom I frequently butted heads died out of the blue in the spring. Ironically, his son now works for us, and we all adore the guy. He’s unique, true to himself in being a hipster starving artist, and he has an endearing irreverence and edgy sense of humor. We visit often. That relationship is another irony in my life. I sometimes think the kid is actually just a young version of his father, and this is sort of a second chance to get things right…

Anyway, peace in the Qorporation really is likely to be short-lived. Change is constant in qorporate environments. There is more money to be made. Rumor has it that we will become lean and agile, like killer cats in the jungle. We shall also wean ourselves from paper entirely and become e-editors. Eeditors. Lovely. These changes can happen, but which of us jungle eeditors will torn apart by other lean, agile, and bloodthirsty cats?

In the meantime, I continue to wonder why my brain expends its energy playing the radio in my head sometimes. I just walked my dog for fifteen minutes, my face extra crispy from the cold, and all I could hear was “It’s a cruel, cruel summer…” What a waste! The stars were bright and sparkling, and Maya was huffing away happily, sticking her nose deep into each footprint and pawprint she came across.

I’ve been desperate for walks. We’ve been easing back into them around visits from the Polar Vortex. Maya had ACL surgery in mid-December and has to be walked on a leash for three months. We are following her physical therapy plan to the letter, because I don’t want The $5,000 Dog to become a $6,200 dog too soon (yeah, $1200 is the price of ACL surgery). We were just allowed to start walks a week ago, but we move up to two 20-minute walks a day tomorrow. Yesssss…. My little accident-prone beastess and I are on the move.

I am on the move myself, following a training plan for a half-marathon. What the hell! So far, I am injury-free. I really don’t think I could remain injury-free without the complement of yoga. Now, all I need is a half to sign up for! Must shop for one soon. I’d love to go see my friends in Memphis, but I think I need to run one while I’m fresh off training in early spring–the Twin Cities always seems to have something to offer.

So that’s the 30-minute minimally edited update. I really want to say, “See you next year,” but ya know…I can’t. I do love this. Ah, writing…


~ by rebuildingholly on January 13, 2015.

2 Responses to “Oy”

  1. Oh I just squealed this morning! A new post, thank-you so much. And the really crazy thing – I haven’t been able to walk my Duke for a month, he also has a ruptured ACL. Here the cost is $3,000. Tomorrow is surgery and we begin the same period of recuperation. I can’t imagine you not getting published, your writing is brilliant. And the cover, well it will be more than special, hee hee.

    • I knew I heard a squeal. Score!!! I always follow your posts, which is why I know how amazing you are. Yep–if I can choose, your artwork is my ultimate choice. Maybe I’ll have to self-publish just to do that…Poor Duke! ACL problems seem to be showing up everywhere. We even got a second opinion to confirm this “Christmas surprise” as I swore Maya just had a sore paw. It’s hard on the dog and the owner to slow down and recuperate. It’s even worse that you can’t reason with a dog when she cries for two nights (despite the Fentanyl patch), wondering what sort of fresh hell you put her through. I can’t wait for March and some proper woods-tromping. Give my love to Duke. Time to buy lots of things to chew (for when he feels like himself again).

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