I’m Fresh Outta Titles, Which is Sort of Ironic

If you’ve guessed that I blog only when I travel…you’re half right.   It’s the only real undisturbed and awake time I can find.  Too bad I don’t travel more often!  I figured it was time I reach out to you hangers-on who have come to mean so much to me.  Yes, I read YOUR stuff–I just haven’t produced anything for you to read for quite a while.  What a slacker.

However, this doesn’t mean I’m not writing at all.  I am working on Other Stuff, finally!  I really can’t figure out what has possessed me to explore and expand on the “what-if” ideas that have been bouncing around my brain all these years.  The time has come to see at least one of the stories through to the finish.   Yes, we must be up to Plan M or Plan N for my life by this point.  Rather than a Plan, it’s more of a hobby, but I am enjoying the process like crazy.  I don’t have any idea where it will lead, and I’m not setting up any preconceptions about that.  Doing so seems to be a dangerous route fraught with fantasies (not usually THAT kind of fantasies ;-)) and setting myself up for disappointment.  Sensitive little me is not in the market for that.  For now, it feels as if I’m creating the threads of lives and knotting them together in some sort of macramé, complete with braids, weaves, and knots (no funky beads).  It will probably end up looking like some sort of freaky hippie contraption, too, but it does have a master design–just not a master to tie the knots.  The plan is to carry out the story until it’s finished to my satisfaction–quite the lofty goal, eh?  This could take months or years.  It’s just good to get the creativity beast off my chest and out of my mind on a regular basis.  I’ll try to keep you posted.

Now here’s another catch to this latest hobby: trying not to alienate and/or victimize everyone I know.   (Be assured that none of you bloggers are involved.)  Writers are supposed to write about what they know, right?  Don’t go faking unless you’ve got an inkling about where you’re going and some really great research to back you up and make it believable.  To prevent my ass from getting kicked if anyone should ever read this tale of mine, I am going to have to get research on my side to alter some strong and recognizable characters–just base them on a couple people present in my life who really deserve to be outed, you know!  I’d love to do that, but it’s not gonna happen unless I plan to steal out of town by moonlight.  As much as I’d love to point straight at a few people and say YOU ARE FRICKEN INSANE AND IT’S TIME EVERYONE KNOWS IT, *sigh* it’s just not going to happen this way.  At best, if I should ever get this thing published, I’m guessing more people would be pointing at me and saying THERE’S THAT “LOCAL  AUTHOR” (OR SO SHE THINKS), AND SHE IS FRICKEN INSANE.  Damn.   As I said, enjoy the process, Holly.  Enjoy the ride.  It’s a hobby, it’s life…Like running, yoga, and painting.  But I really do like it 🙂

faith in how far


~ by rebuildingholly on November 6, 2013.

11 Responses to “I’m Fresh Outta Titles, Which is Sort of Ironic”

  1. I say “Go for it!” And I look forward to following the journey and also receiving my autographed copy! 🙂

    • I will send you a copy fresh off my Canon printer in a couple years. I may even whip out my Crayolas and color a cover for you! Wow. Hey, some people take the time to train little by little for marathons (wink, wink), so marathon writing is the least I can do.

  2. SO exciting!! I’m going to keep watching!

  3. Yay you! Do this thing, or it won’t let you sleep. I know. And believe me, I know the oh how I wish I could out so and so, but legalities prevent it. Anne Lamotte does it by writing the chapter in such a way that the people do not recognize themselves. Sneaky little elf really. 🙂

    • I like sneaky little elves. Must be why I like you so much…Anyway, yeah, I know I can’t go around making some character resemble a real person too much. Damn. I am trying to do something I encourage my writers (item-writers, though) to do: just borrow the idea and build on it. Not as much fun as spite,but it’s necessary. Besides, I don’t want to be the one giving out the hurt…

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