Pie Wisdom

This is a little bit of a deviation from the catching up I’d planned to do on my blog, but for you thrill-seekers, I’m keeping it brief (HAH!).  Just keep in mind that I’ve had unexpressed thoughts bouncing around in my head for months, and that I have to stay true to who I’m writing for: me.

I was making a couple pies today–one for us and one for the neighbors who brought food to my son while the rest of the family was away in Boston.  It’s a Bakewell pie, based on an English tart (and I’m guessing tart means it is a concoction that contains fruit).  The pie has a raspberry jam bottom and an almond meal sponge cake top.  I adore any combination of almond and raspberry.  A little whipped cream and a side of coffee (Irish, maybe?) and my day will be made.

Anyway, while I was cooking, I decided to “turn it all over to God.”  I’m back to wondering what comes next.  It’s clear from my latest posts that family comes first, but now I’m down to my husband and son in the house, and my son’s programming keeps him extremely busy.  The departure of my daughter left me with a lot more time on my hands, and when my son moves out again (Imminent–note that menacing capital I), I’ll have even more time.  I hope to handle it even better than I have in the past.

So, what now, God?  No exact answers as to what, but a few things came to me from my latest and past experiences.  Pardon the new-agey/flaky labels, but I had to put a name to them to help me remember them:

(1) Go into the in-between.  This means prayer (reaching out to God) and meditation (being still and letting God in).  That will be the source of the what.  Doesn’t matter what your faith is, you need to be still and present sometimes.  My yoga training is pretty apparent here.

(2) Cast your net widely.   I learned this in searching for housing for my daughter in Boston.  We contacted people about a wide range of housing in a wide range of places, let people get back to us, viewed the places, and selected from what remained.  Sharing the top of house with two other women was not at all what she had in mind, but she’s now in a lively neighborhood, in a beautiful apartment with a lot of space, with at least one roommate (the one I met) being a wonderful companion–uncannily similar to my daughter in outlook and goals.  This wouldn’t have come to us if we hadn’t put forth some effort and kept an open mind.

(3) Get your hands into it (whatever you try).  This is the Pie Crust Approach.  For a short time, I worked as a waitress in a downtown diner in northern Wisconsin, complete with country music and a polyester dress.  When the owner/head cook was gone, a real cook filled in–she’d run a restaurant in Ladysmith (love that name), Wisconsin, for years before retiring in the Rhinelander area.  Edie is one of my all-time heroes.  She could make pies and stir up soups like no one’s business, and she yodeled like a bird while she cooked.  One lazy, rainy afternoon, she took it upon herself to teach me how to make pie crust.  She explained cutting in the fat until the mix stuck together in pea-sized pieces, the importance of using ice water, and then…of sticking your hands into the dough to really get a feel for what was right.  I’ve been able to make top-notch pie crusts (and pies) ever since!  (Wish I’d picked up a few more cooking tips from Edie…)

(4) Feel gratitude.  I’m not going off on The Secret here.  I’ve heard Secret People say that “The Universe loves gratitude!” but I also think The Universe is not stupid and sees right through attempts at exploitation.  What I mean is that–again, no matter what your faith–it just never hurts anything to count your blessings, even when it’s hard.

So that’s it–a little Pie Wisdom for the day.  Winnie the Pooh would be so proud of me!


~ by rebuildingholly on August 11, 2013.

One Response to “Pie Wisdom”

  1. Obviously we’ve both been a bit behind on the blog-o-sphere and I’m making use of my tiredness today to sit at stare at the computer.
    I LOVE this. Love it! Except the part where you make world class pie crusts, which I have not conquered. 😉

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