Ffftt. Fwwtt.

That’s the sound of me blowing the dust off my blog.  I had choices to make this last couple months.  Nothing earthshattering.   BOTH my children were back home, more or less temporarily.  I think I have the oldest, my son, covered in the history of my writing.  The lease was up on his apartment in May, there were no breakthroughs in his apartment search in Milwaukee, and THEN he broke up with his girlfriend and figured he just didn’t want to be alone for a while, so he moved home.  Yes, it was a thank-God sort of moment with the breakup.  Everyone passes through relationships that are educational experiences, and then you move on.  He was educated in how it is to have a girlfriend who builds up big plans and then says she’d rather stay home, who would shake her empty glass and say “you know what to do,” and who went to a concert by his favorite band, with all the most important friends in his life, and acted like a complete bitch for six straight hours.  Definitely a product of today’s MTV.  There are enough hours in that time span for a person to dig up some gratitude and set their priorities straight.  It works that way for sane people.  Well, my kid is nice, but he’s not a sucker.  And he’s no longer her boyfriend.  Smiley smiley smileys.  🙂 🙂 🙂

As for my daughter, she graduated from college in Rhode Island in mid-May.  It was bittersweet, as she enjoyed college and finally got the roommate situation right during her last year.  God knows it’s hard to get that magical combination down!  That was the bitter part.  The sweet part was that she was ready to get out of college and move on to that land of mysteries, the everchanging target of the ages, the Real World.  The real world was a little slow in coming, though.  By the time she’d graduated, she hadn’t secured the internship required for her second degree (competition is as fierce for those as it is for jobs).  She figured she’d come home and sling coffee at a Starbucks in Wisconsin for a while (transferring within the great Starbucks system).  Even that move was met with silence.  Our departure from Providence (the city, DUH) was somewhat sad and silent, considering.  However, I wasn’t allowed to be bitter for long.  Within a couple days, she got one of the internships she’d really desired, back in her beloved Boston, (being purposefully vague here) with professional sports teams.  She also got the call from the closest Starbucks in Cheeseland and ended up working 30-35 hours a week, bringing her mama some lovely caffeiney concoctions and filling the cupboards with beans.  The right kind of beans.

So what have I been doing that kept me from self-blogo-therapy (aka writing for you fine people)?  Riding bikes, mostly.  Working out at the Y (slick new weight machines last month!), walking Maya, buying professional clothing (not for myself, but for the girl who can wear a suit jacket without her skin crawling as if the devil is pinching it)…just hanging out with my girl while she was home.  These kids of mine keep bouncing back from time to time (today’s economy is a beast), but one of these times will be the last.  Now it’s time to spend time with my son, because his days at home are numbered.  This is the guy who first moved out at nineteen, and his independence is demanding his attention.  Can’t blame him–it’s what a person does in their early 20s.

So that’s the rewind and review.  Right now I’m on the road BACK from Boston.  My heartbreak, when I listen to its call, is familiar. Kids do this every time, dammit.  They come home and fill your life with joy, and then they leave and wring out your heart all over again.  BUT I allowed myself to hurt only a while this morning.  Life goes on, and you’ve gotta have goals.  Today’s goal was to buy some grape wine in the extensive grape-growing region near Lake Erie in Pennsylvania and New York.  Woo-hoo!  Mission accomplished.  Found a self-serve wine tasting and came away with three bottles of Pennsylvania’s finest.


~ by rebuildingholly on August 5, 2013.

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  1. Love the sound effects. Nicely done.

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