Yeah yeah yeah I’ve been lax in my writing but not in my life.  5K season is upon us, and my two children are, surprisingly, back home.  This is good, and it is temporary.  What a weird feeling.  I love it, but we have a very adult relationship, and they are living here for a purpose.  For a while, I wanted to post a sign that says Irony Lives Here.  Lemme explain…

My son, the programmer, moved home shortly after Easter.  I think I’ve gone down this road before…He had just broken up with his long-time girlfriend, and as we know, breakups are difficult, even if one party is a total self-serving ingrate.  Guess which one that was!  But ingrates can become a bad habit, like smoking is, and bad habits are meant to be broken (and hopefully not replaced with new bad habits, such as crack).  So the heartbroken son did not want to live alone, and also suffering from the all-too-common syndrome among the Millenials of “Just What the Hell Am I Supposed to Do With All this Freakin College Debt,” he rented a storage unit for his stuff (a.k.a. the branch office) and revamped his bedroom into an office with sleeping quarters.  (By the way, it is interesting to speculate on what would happen if all these ex-college students and/or graduates did not pay back the trillion dollars they owe…)  However, as a programmer, the anti-graduate is drowning in work and earning the big bucks.  His purpose of living at home is to pay off his college loans and become world’s free-est man, and he may succeed there.  He does brilliant work, works frequent ten-hour days, and he earns very good money. Just keep in mind that he is the ANTIgraduate, which means that he not only has no degree, he doesn’t want it.  He learned everything he uses for his work by reading manuals and taking free online courses from Stanford, which shares its knowledge in the hope of progress.  The antigraduate suffered a lot of UNlearning in college.  Yikes.

On the other hand, there is my daughter, who graduated a couple weeks ago.  It was a bittersweet experience.  She didn’t want to leave New England and return to the pastures of Cheeseland.  She had to part with the best friends she’s ever had and the best roommates she’s ever had (and if you’re like most people, you’ve experienced some pretty crappy roommate situation somewhere in your life).  For my part, I was very proud of her accomplishment and very bitter that a girl who graduated summa cum laude with two majors was jobless and could not even score an interview for an internship. Bloody hell.  What else do you want, people?!!  Leaving Providence was painful this time because I knew she hated it.  However, my bitterness was short-lived.  She got the internship she wanted (in Boston, woo-hoo!) in less than 48 hours after she arrived home (hence the need for housing in August :-))  Shortly after that, she was in touch with a nearby Starbucks, being apologetic because her transfer to their shop would be cut short by the Boston bit.  No problem!  She offered 25 to 30 hours of work a week if they wanted a fill-in.  No problem!!!  They gave her 31.  Guess she’s going to be fine and have some cash and caffeine.  Now to perform the miracle jaunt to Boston to procure before August a nondive studio or apartment in a safe and creeperfree area.  Should be fun!  HELP ME PLEASE. 

In the meantime, the second Volkswagen of laundry is parked in my basement.  It took me three weeks to get through the boy’s accumulation of clothing, and now I am working on my daughter’s.  It is a labor of love, though.  Plus my daughter hands me down/up some duds.  My latest favorite has a minion on it. 

I often feel like this

I often feel like this

As for the 5K (for which I’m a Registration Administration Coordinator HAH! can you guess that a business sponsors this race? such a fine title that could only be improved with a catchy acronym…), I inherited a new duty this year: head of the PR sub-subcommittee, composed of me.  I believe the dirty truth of the matter is that the marketing person who previously promoted the race left for another job and hasn’t been replaced.  Dirty fact number two: registration numbers were a bit down, mostly due to the lack of spring in this part of the world, and something had to be done.  So I was hand-picked by a BigWig who was probably tipped off that, hey, Holly doesn’t have as much to do this year because those registration people have got their business down.  The good part about this is that it actually gave me some opportunities, provided I don’t get fired.  The senior VP who plopped me into this position has been pretty agreeable about this game.  Marquees?  Sure.  Public service announcement?  Go for it.  TV interview?  YES!  Facebook community page?  Why not!  (Don’t let me fool you–I knew better people for the TV and radio interviews, and they were smokin’.  Glad it wasn’t me.  I just had to make the contacts and have some incredibly good luck in scheduling.  Honestly, the timing of my contact, getting the right person, and even some cancellations was unbelievable.)  As for the FB page, it was one of those brainfarts I got while mowing (when spring finally arrived).  I wasn’t having the arguments in my head that I usually have when I mow.  Instead, I thought “the 5K needs a more interactive Facebook page than an event PLUS I have a college graduate at home who studied sports and event management PLUS I have a programmer in the house who is always trying to convince me of the value of social media EQUALS voila!  A truly lovely FB community page was born, at the capable hands of my daughter, now my social media specialist (though I am in charge of the early-morning inspirational posts for oldsters like me.)  Along the way of this PR fiasco, I’ve learned a couple things.  For one, I’ve always sought out meaningful projects to put my effort toward.  For another (believe it or not in this ramble), I’ve gotten a reputation of being a pretty persuasive writer.  I’d really like to find a project to absorb my energy, and my love of the environment–a clean and healthy environment–is the first goal that comes to mind.  Or maybe, similarly, what the hell is going on in my neighborhood that only one house on each block seems NOT to have cancer in it…I feel like I live in Love Canal lately.

Moving on to other stuff so that you, if you’ve lasted this far through this thoroughly engrossing update, are completely informed, spring arrived.  Uh huh.  Maybe three weeks late, but the crab trees and the lilacs wasted no time in blooming and radically exploded in blossoms this year.  They were absolute puffballs (of which I should have taken a few pics, but I did not, because I was too busy enjoying the smell…). However, I’m gardening with a bit less gusto this year.  Last year’s earwigs, Japanese beetles, rabbits, and drought sort of drained me of some of my enthusiasm.  I’ll make regular trips to the Farmer’s Market instead.  I planted some tomatoes and herbs (which tend to be pretty pest-free), and I changed more of my landscaping to prairie grasses and evergreens.  The annuals are potted and minimal, so I chose my favorites: sweet alyssum, ivy geranium, miniature rose, petunias and lobelia. So BRING IT ON, BUGS!  My yard, at least, will survive.

I’m still running, too.  I’m also taking a “boot camp” class twice a week, in hopes of running the Warrior Dash this year.  This is the only way I could see of training for it, aside from scaling buildings, vaulting fences into farm fields to clamber over haystacks, and invading junkyards to run over wrecked cars.  If I stay injury-free, I’ll shoot for that half-marathon and may make my way to a famous run in Memphis yet.  That’s the plan, anyway.

So the few of you are not forgotten.  You are now bored to tears, I’m afraid.  This post is like a letter from your long-lost, depraved auntie.  I did start some great blog posts on our plane trip to Providence, though.  They are stewing in Google Drive.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to take cryptic notes at work, which are combined with to-do notes and grocery items, which I post to myself in e-mails.  They look like some weird prose–not the least bit suspicious, right?



~ by rebuildingholly on June 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “Up and Running HELP ME I NEED HOUSING IN BOSTON IN AUGUST PLEASE (no creepers)”

  1. I love your posts and this one never felt too long and certainly filled us in on your life. You have your hands full! Best of luck with the “Boston thing” and how wonderful that you planted summer flowers. Might I suggest that you add Four O’Clocks and nicotiana for more fragrance 🙂

    • I’m glad you mentioned nicotiana, because I usually plant that for the hummingbirds. They’ll be angry that I’ve forgotten them. You know how those little beasts can be–hovering around where the food was LAST year. I’m sure I can get a cheap pack of nicotiana somewhere at this point. And I used to love four o’clocks as a child…maybe!

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