A Slow Day in Paradise

Or a slow week or two, whatever…I’ve actually been worded out, which could be misconstrued as weirded out, and in my brain right now they are pretty much one and the same, so I ramble.  I am weirded out to be at a loss for words.  The problem is that for the last couple weeks, since my return from New Orleans, I was immediately hit with two major writing tasks at work that left my brain a massive void by the end of the workday.  *duh*dolt*dik *dik*  The first writing task was (dig this) writing guidelines for that oh-so-secret-but-becoming-less-so project of mine so we could train writers on it, beginning with the UK.  Yes–I was writing about writing.  However, the payoff was a lovely visit with my colleagues in the UK, who seem to have such a healthy attitude on life.  Must come from the fact that they always seem to be on holiday or planning the next visit to the pub.  The next was a document for the publishers with whom I work–a sort of ultimate guide for our working relationship (still playing my cards close to my chest here, which is a very flat chest and not offering much protection).  The good part of this project was that it actually makes me a published author of sorts. Yep, the Marketing department offered up some legal statements and logos and swaths of color, cranked it out on a printer about the size of my Ford Taurus (yeah, I’m that kind of classy), and bound the sucker.  I am pleased.  However, to get to that printed stage, we (I and the supervisor who was reviewing my work as I went along) had to pass through the dreaded jungle of the corporate feeding chain of fools (I put those two phrases together all by myself, aren’t you proud? 🙂 ) Marketing e-mailed my document to a bunch of high-ranking fools who didn’t have a clue what I was writing about or who I was writing for.  Why did they do it?  Protocol. It was the right thing to do, corporationwise.  And as I was told, every dog has to piss on it (my vow of nonswearing doesn’t apply here, as I am simply passing on a helpful metaphor).  We received only one e-mail that made my blood turn to vinegar, which began with, “We took the liberty of changing…” GAAAAAH!!!  WHAT THE…?!!  Yes, some clod thought some of my most carefully crafted phrases simply would not do and reduced them to meaninglessness.  All without consulting the author.  Piss, indeed!  My supervisor, appropriately, slugged back. I, from my little corner of the editing world, thought, “What the hell, my opinion counts as much as anyone else’s here!”  so I inappropriately fired off a defense of my own (without swear words, natch).  (You know my feelings about firing me being a mixed blessing.)  Well, it worked.  Except for the firing.  My supervisor actually felt my moxie was appropriate, and we scored a conference call.  We won, and my words were reinstated.  However, I learned how little those in positions of higher management may actually know about their own company.  Again.

Hey, now here’s something new:  You may think that all my work with Word People and applying standards to my writing would force me to do some sort of quality control here.  Not to worry, friends!  No standards here!  The only standard here is HONESTY, and as I let ‘er snap in print, I boogie away listening to the oldies tonight: Boston (again), ELO, Fleetwood Mac, and an all-time favorite, Earth, Wind, & Fire.  Here’s a little feel-good boogie for you, too, you hipsters:

Last of all, my loss for words might have had a benefit.  I spent a lot of time walking in the woods in this endless winter.  Those of you who have a Facebook connection with me have heard this before, but it bears repeating.  I may complain about winter, but every time I bundle up and go out for a hike with Maya, I find myself saying, “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”  So here you go…

beautiful beautifulshadowssoft lightfuntracks

and the photographer says b'bye

and the photographer says b’bye


~ by rebuildingholly on March 25, 2013.

4 Responses to “A Slow Day in Paradise”

  1. “We have taken the liberty of changing….” that would send me right over the moon trailing a plume of steam! Is there NO room for individuality in our culture anymore? Glad you won….
    Love the pics…(of course, especially the laughing-dog-Maya one)

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