A Post-NOLA Blah Blah Blahg

NOLA skylineGuess who else has been down to New Orleans lately…MEEEEEEE!!!  Die-rect from the Land O’ Cheese.  It’s been ages since I took an entire week off work, and it was lovely.  However, my entire vacation budget is now shot, so I’ll have to stay in the Midwest for a while and patch up my igloo.  It hasn’t been a “bad” winter, but it seems to be an endless one.

I learned a lot of valuable lessons on this trip.  Here is the most important:  if you have a bedazzled ass, you will get your hands swabbed for explosives.  No kidding!  I should have left the Earl Jean denim in my suitcase.  Instead, I wore them in the Louis Armstrong airport and got to see the most amazing photo of myself on the Rapiscan screen (so aptly named…Rape-i-scan, really).  I appeared to have big patches on my butt where the patterns of faux diamonds were once located.  This was cause to immediately pull me over to the Criminal Corner, not to further inspect my bottom, but to inspect the hands that had pulled the jeans over it.  Perhaps those rhinestones could have exploded and it was all a setup…I couldn’t be sure, but the hand-swabbing proved I was not a terrorist and that my ass was going to survive.  *Whew*

The trees in New Orleans are permanently bedazzled.

The trees in New Orleans are permanently bedazzled.

OK, you must know me better than this.  There are actually a few other lessons I can take away from this trip:

(1) It’s the relationships that are important.  Once again, I got to meet up with someone when traveling–Julianne, of the blog Middle-Aged Woman (Newly) on the Run http://middleagedwomanontherun.com/.  She and her friends were in New Orleans to run a half-marathon (hardcore runners, hanging out with 5K slackers like me…)  Kind, fun, genuine person that she is, she truly made my day.  She also confirmed what I know so well, that most people are truly good.  You just have to get to know them.

(2) There is a place in the world for art.  And my heart is rejoicing.  I’ve never seen such an art-saturated city as New Orleans, and they were really good artists!  However, the only art I came home with was a few faux-voodoo dolls from Jamie Hayes.  The real ones were too creepy.  One of them, little Hex, is hanging on my keychain just waiting for a new name, so you all better watch your bedazzled asses. 🙂

There is art, and there are antiques worth more than everything I own...

There is art, and there are antiques worth more than everything I own…

(3) I must think outside the box about how to live my life.  There are a lot of people who are leading interesting lives.  Many of them are working unusual jobs or combinations of jobs, doing things they really enjoy.  Even if they are shorter on cash, or sometimes working longer hours, they enjoy what they do.  I really gotta get out of the full-time corporate gig.

(4) We have to choose to let loose and find our fun.  Two things: Bourbon Street, Gay flight attendants.  Let’s start with Bourbon Street.  Not my favorite place in the world, but we went there every night just for the spectacle.  It’s like Spring Break every night, featuring a middle-aged cast of thousands.  Luckily the music coming out of most venues was really good.  A person could stop anywhere and hear some quality tunes.  But the best part was the oldsters who were dancing, throwing beads, doing Jell-o shots without a care…Looked like no regrets!  (I would personally have regretted Jell-o shots by morning.)  We’ve all got a little crazy in us.  Gay flight attendants–seems to be pretty common, but not the rule, with the guys.  They reminded me of my oldest brother’s “partner” (that always sounds so lame, pardner), from the oldest relationship in the family.  He’s a Filipino with more life in him than the rest of us combined.  He looks sharp, stays healthy, and works hard, but the man loves to dance (he’ll teach me to salsa yet) and has always made time  to Zumba and to kick butt in a tennis match.  He sets a great example for me.

a beautiful sunset by Lake Pontchartrain

a beautiful sunset by Lake Pontchartrain

One last thing–finally got my new iPod back from my son, Computer Boy, who managed to relocate the songs from my old iPod (the one with the five-second battery) to somewhere on Venus and then back into my new, chartreuse (such a chick color) iPod.  I am deliriously happy.  I have no playlists set up right now, so I’m just letting shuffle do the work of mixing songs as I listen to hundreds of them.  I’ve got Death Cab for Cutie followed by Colbie Caillat with a side order of yoga-tinged music, all served up with Libera.  It’s such a mix of ME.  Eventually, I’ll sort them out into something that coincides with moods, but this is fun!  And I think the death of the old iPod might have coincided with this winter’s gray mood.  Spring is coming!

Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie

Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie

really live oaks

really live oaks


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10 Responses to “A Post-NOLA Blah Blah Blahg”

  1. Sounds like the air in NOLA has filled you with that zest for life the locals have.. Sounds like you had a good time.. now you know why I’m moving there.. 😉

  2. I still hate I didn’t get to go down that weekend! I’m glad you had a great time!

  3. SO loved meeting you too!! And was so flattered that you and your family made time for that during your trip!

    I second Terri Lee’s “You can stay here” about The St. Jude. In case she’s booked up and all. 😉

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