God Won the Argument

I hardly know where to begin the tale that’s unfolded in this town.  It’s not my story, but it’s somehow found its way to me and my husband.

A couple weeks ago a young man died.  He was 19, and he simply went to bed and didn’t wake up.   Of course, it was not quite as simple as that.  The usual rumors circulated.  Was it suicide?  Bad drugs?  No—there was absolutely nothing that could confirm any of those things.  This was the hardworking, lovable young man with a smile that warmed everyone’s hearts.  His death was impossible.

However, his isn’t the story I’m relating here.  It’s the boy’s father’s story that caught my attention.

The father works with my husband.  The man stopped by a couple days ago to drop off yet another small engine to fascinate my husband and to tell him a story that has no end.   My husband asked the man how he and his wife were dealing with their son’s death,  “…no really, how are you doing.  Is there anything at all I can do for you?”

The man calmly said that he’s doing fine, but his wife is still having a very hard time.  She just didn’t understand it like he did.

My husband, endless seeker of the truth, asked the man how he could possibly be doing fine.

A couple years ago, the man had had a heart attack.  During that time, he was clinically dead for nine minutes.  While he was dead, he was mad at God for how things had turned out.  This wasn’t how he’d thought his life should end.  So he yelled at God, and then God told him a couple things.

“YOU WERE ARGUING WITH GOD?!!”  (That’s my husband, sensing a unique opportunity coming his way.)

“Yes.  But God won the argument.”

God told him that a person’s time on Earth was very short, but that this (where the man briefly was) was eternity.

Does this make you a bit more brave somehow?  If I can hold onto this, it gives me the courage I need.  (More about that later.)

The rest of the story—As for my husband, another coworker showed up and wanted to talk shop, while my husband was going, “Wait!..But!…You gotta hear this!  But…!”  He couldn’t shut the guy up.

And as for the young man who died, he’d had a mild fever for a few days and had apparently picked up a germ that damaged his lungs—or his immune system attacked the invader a bit too much.  The results of the autopsy won’t be available for a long time, so the family doesn’t even know if it was a virus or a bacteria.

In any case, the young man’s father is certain they will meet again in eternity.

shivers and goosebumps…


~ by rebuildingholly on February 12, 2013.

5 Responses to “God Won the Argument”

  1. *speechless*

  2. Well then. The night of my brother’s funeral I was back home, trying to write about it all. I sat, staring into space, wishing him back with ever fiber, every atom of my being. And then, I saw my brother in Heaven. I saw my brother. I knew it was him. I could not tell you what he looked like, what he wore, but I knew it was him. An incredible, all pervading, all encompassing feeling of love that is more than any words could describe surrounded him. I knew I would never wish him back again.

    • It’s wonderful that your brother, God, Heaven (all the above) let you know that he still existed and that he was more than well. I’m sure you saw him, and I’m sure it was love surrounding him. There’s so much evidence that I can’t believe anything otherwise. Now just hold on to that vision.

      • I have. It’s been 38 years and it’s just as real. I have no idea why/how I was “allowed” that, but perhaps to comfort my parents. At any rate, I have no doubt.

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