Turkey Jerky

Maya and I went for a walk in one of our favorite spots, some fields and woods that lay behind the nearby middle school.  There is a whole lot of land (I always worry they’ll sell it for some cash, but there needs to be a demand, I guess, like people actually want to MOVE to this area), and she can run free there, with nobody but turkeys and some deer to complain.  In less glaciery parts of the year, I run with her.  If my cross country skis weren’t old and decrepit, with boots that look as if they’re peeling after a bad sunburn, I’d be skiing there.

But other people had been!  The school holds cross-country ski classes as part of PE, and they’d followed up on my months of hard work with the pup, desticking their trails (that’s the technical term for tossing debris back into the brush so I don’t trip on it).  It was impressive.  They used a chainsaw on the trees that had fallen across the trails (couldn’t do that myself), mowed some wide swaths, and apparently groomed the trails after the latest snowfall.  There had definitely been some traffic in our woods.

The fields, however, were the site of some turkey massacre.  There must have been some hawks or coyotes that attacked a couple birds, leaving some picked-over piles of feathers.  After shooing Maya away from making a snack out of them, I picked up a couple of the prettiest banded feathers and continued on.  Just inside the woods on the farthest field, I spotted an interesting bottle.  It curved inward in the middle, like a woman’s waist (at least some women’s waists do that; I am, alas, more cylindrical).  I picked it up and tucked the feathers inside it.  Nice!  Then I was on the lookout for grasses and branches to add to the little woodland massacre mix.  Voila!  This is what happened…

On the side of the ski trail, I spotted the most wonderful tree–it had built-in shelves, so it’s the perfect display case for this piece of “gratis art,” and maybe more to come.  Hah!  That will give hose tweens something more to think about than Justin Bieber, if they don’t use it for target practice.




~ by rebuildingholly on January 18, 2013.

8 Responses to “Turkey Jerky”

  1. How pretty! (I’m just hazarding a guess that, based on the shape of that tree, the teen boys will notice your decoration before the girls do…lol)
    Hope Maya is well….(read elsewhere that she has had a problem)…
    I was hoping for some cross country skiing myselt this year…but first I had to find them….been 20 years since I had them out and the same disease has attacked my boots also. Plus I’ll need new laces. Now we just need some more snow….

    • Hilarious! I never noticed the shape of the tree…However, there is room for a whole gallery in it. Yes, we need more snow here, too. No one will be out on the ski trail to appreciate my artwork if they can’t ski…I bet it will come after tonight’s arctic blast. I’m going shopping soon for some of those chemical handwarmers that hunters use–won’t be walking in zero-degree weather without them!

      Maya is improving daily. I hope this abscess business will resolve itself with the long course of antibiotics so we don’t have to go through the trouble and expense of surgery. In the meantime, I’m training her to deal only with the BIG sticks, not those throat-poking bargain basement ones.

  2. How very lovely! The world would be a better place if more people took the time to notice things like this and try to make it a little more beautiful for having been there. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ve wanted to start making “gratis art” (some cities have movements for that), but I couldn’t figure out how to do it in a way that didn’t seem meaningless or downright trashy. This one just came together in a way that defines serendipity. I couldn’t resist picking up the beautiful feathers, but the bottle was in a place where there is no trash and virtually no sign of people at all! And then the tree…I’d never noticed it before! It taught me to keep my eyes and my mind open.

      • What a cool experience!
        We actually have some gratis art in a couple spots along one of the running trails here. Which honestly shocked me when I first saw it!

  3. Someone left a nicely decorated little Christmas tree on a bench along one of our bike trails. All the benches are memorials to community members. It was lovely and very moving.

  4. I am so lucky to have trails like those on my property. I walk it everyday with Duke the dog and I am the desticker. We found turkey remains in a field and I can never figure out how anything can sneak up on a turkey, they can run like lightning and fly straight up from a standing position. Plus they have the keenest eyesight. We don’t have any coyotes on the farm, so it must be fox. A wiley fox. There is a very large tree root in the woods, set in an upright position, I call it my pantry and put the bottles I find there and anything else that look different. I found an old marble door knob one day. There is an old family dump, so I can find things like that. I will try and take a picture and send you. My walk is my salvation, I reboot my system there and feel so wonderful afterwards.

    • Karen, sometimes it’s spooky how much we have in common, but it’s a good kind of spooky! I never thought of a fox being the culprit, but I’ve certainly spotted them around here.

      Please send me a picture of your pantry! I’m certainly going to add to my display case in the woods, and I’ve determined it’s going to hold only things I find on the land around it. Maya found a nice little skull the other day…too freaky for the tweens? Nah…

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