Christmas Story

My struggles with corporate life (my questionable location inside the beloved Qube 40 hours a week) have their ebb and flow, but this last week had a moment worth pondering.

My department is small—ten people—and we give Christmas gifts or tokens, depending on our situations each year (creative and financial status considered).  They range from cards to single Lindt truffles to homemade breads to wine…many things, but generally small.  I struggled with what to get my supervisor.  Our relationship has improved greatly in the last couple years, but it started terribly, as she had a well-deserved reputation for picking a worker and persecuting him or her.  That’s wrong, period, and most of us took our turns.  Interestingly, I learned that she’d been a victim of the same treatment in her early years with the company (duh—insert raised eyebrow here). (*FYI My guiding principle as a supervisor is that I’m just not gonna do what I know is wrong and if I can’t be myself on the job, I don’t want it!  So I consult my heart in dealing with those who report to me.  Trust me, it works a hell of a lot better than intimidation and persecution.  My puppy has taught me well…*).  Anyway, I went through the possible gift list many times—something supermundane like a bookmark, a gift certificate, a book?  There was one book that had been coming to mind for months…it’s thoughtful and deals with a philosophy both she and I share (we’ve bonded over politics and faith, even if we expressed it in different ways).  Something kept telling me to go with the book, though it was way more risky and personal, but I was certain it would speak to her…So I gave it to her with a disclaimer of sorts:  It was a book I truly enjoyed and that had sustained me, and now that I knew her better, I thought she may enjoy it as well–no agenda to the book or my giving it.  Then I went home and worried and second-guessed myself and prayed it would be received in the spirit with which I gave it…

My supervisor came to me right away the next morning, and she told me to stand up.  Then she hugged me, shed some tears, and told me how much the book meant to her.  She apologized sincerely for how she’d treated me in the past and told me how I’d become a blessing to her…I know she has a good heart inside, but I was floored.  It’s worth the risk to follow your heart.

And then there is the matter of the book, of words…Realize that each of you holds great power when you write!  Whether it’s crazy-hilarious, deep, sad, brief, long, specific, or universal, you are touching others by sharing your hearts.

Peace to all of you!


Snow for Christmas--Hurray!

Snow for Christmas–Hurray!


~ by rebuildingholly on December 24, 2012.

15 Responses to “Christmas Story”

  1. Intuition, a word that means “a look inside”, can speak very loud. What a great Christmas story, thank-you for sharing. Merry Christmas to you Holly.

  2. Awesome post. So glad you went with your heart.

  3. I am glad I went with my intuition, too. It was speaking very loudly, arguing against my head, and it helped me make some real progress in a difficult area!

  4. Glad the gift went well….
    Maya is getting sooooooo big, and cuter than ever! Bet she was excited to see snow!
    Merry Christmas to you, Holly….(and to Maya and hubby too)

  5. Lovely. Timely. Perfect. Glad to stumble upon a fellow “Butterfly” . Blessings,

    • Ah ha! The butterfly is a very meaningful symbol! It struck me when I saw this on a poster: “It’s the end of the world!” said the caterpillar. “It’s just the beginning,” said the butterfly.

  6. WOW!!! And…I want to know the book!
    seriously. You made a huge change in someone’s life despite your personal struggle with them. This is what the season is all about. I really love this.

    • Thank you! And this is where the risk lies…the book is “Jesus Calling,” which is not a great name (I think) for a truly fantastic devotional. It has just a couple themes that are approached in different ways–keeping your focus on God, and trusting in the path He has you on. Fortunately I know my supervisor’s faith is similar to mine, and this book has meant a lot to me. It’s about as basic as you can get, and it’s beautifully written. Still may go with the bookmark next year…I don’t know how to top this!

      • Yes – I love that book! I have it! What a small world 🙂

      • Whew! I’m glad you know what I’m talking about. We have more in common than just critter urps! The author of that book is a truly gifted communicator and “inspirer.” I wouldn’t have given the book as a gift if my supervisor and I hadn’t shared so many thoughts about faith and politics during the last election–I was smacking myself in the head wondering if it was a stupid gift to give a supervisor. Out of the blue–yes. Stupid and inappropriate. With a good idea that a person is open to it, brilliant. She was moved to tears reading the first few entries. I certainly look at things (including myself the thing) differently after reading it regularly.

        Small world, indeed…:-)

      • Very small world! You’ve read God Calling, too, then?

      • Never heard of it! Now I’m intrigued. I bought “Jesus Today” (by the same author) as a followup.

  7. That my friend is the Magic of Christmas.. A book bridged the gap and how wonderful is that.
    Hope your Christmas was Merry and have a Happy and Sparkly New year!!

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