Please See a Doctor for an Election that Lasts Longer than Three Weeks

a fine symbol for any major political party

I guess I need to see a doctor because this election has lasted long enough.  There are a couple issues that keep haunting me.  They are the reasons I’ve found it so hard to find a suitable political party that matches my beliefs (something that is probably true for most of us if we truly consider where they and we stand on the issues).  I’ve puzzled and puzzed ’til my puzzler is sore, and I’ve come up partyless once again.

I’d love to found a party called the Life party, but the L-word has gotten a bad rap.  It’s nearly as bad as the F-word and the S-word to some.  So let’s call it the Vivre party.  That sounds a lot prettier, and I can enjoie it very much.  I would love to find a party that respects life through and through, at all levels of development, in all colors, at all levels of socioeconomic status, and from beginning to end.  I’d like this party to respect the lives of children, the health of the poor, the dignity of the elderly and the dying, animals and every living creature that inherently has a place on Earth, and chrissakes, the ENVIRONMENT.  I’m tired of the baloney that we humans must continue in our consuming and polluting ways because for some reason that’s all our tiny, incapable minds can come up with–treading endlessly on that Wheel O’ Death.  Every bit of poison and particulate we spew into the environment is killing us, even if it perniciously creeps up the food chain beginning with the microorganisms that suck it in.  We must truly cut the crap and shed the greed.  Humans are capable of being incredibly creative and innovative, and I believe we can not only transcend our pollutin’ ways, we can fix what we have fouled.  I have faith in people in general, even if some parties think we must stay on our deadly course.  *Whew* I was spitting a lot of venom there.

Perhaps the green party is more my color?

The other–yes the only other issue that has remained with me–is my conviction that a huge part of saving our economy lies with the entrepreneurs and small businesspeople, not big business (though the latter can have a place in the world; they were once small businesses, and if I had a small business, I wouldn’t be wishing for it to be moderately successful, but WILDLY successful–you know, BIG!).  I know plenty of people who are “working for the insurance” because it would be impossible to afford (gotta avoid more bad words here), ummm, “health maintenance” if they started the business they dream of having.  I also know some wealthy people who start business after business as sort of a hobby.  Has entrepreneurship really become a sport of the rich?  Anyway, if we can control the costs of health maintenance, make it possible for small business owners to afford health maintenance, possibly in a cooperative way, then the businesses will grow and hire people.  THEN people can leave the jobs they hold “working for the insurance,” allowing others who want those jobs to fill the vacancies, and, and, and…I know, not-so-novel ideas, right?  However, I have yet to see these things carried out.  In addition, perhaps the government can aid businesses that actually provide new jobs, instead of dishing out cash with the hope that someone will make jobs instead of buying another Lexus or building another mega summerhome.  And last of all, the small business owners I know complain that they are taxed at every turn, which is terribly discouraging.  Any relief in sight to allow them to grow?

Now, I admit I’m not an expert in government or a political scientist (duh, that’s painfully obvious), but no one seems to know how to run this mess anyway, so I’m as qualified to comment as anyone.  But that’s all, Vivre.  Respect for life, and letting people pursue their dreams without punishment.  That’s what I want in a political party.  Any candidates?


~ by rebuildingholly on November 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Please See a Doctor for an Election that Lasts Longer than Three Weeks”

  1. Sounds good to me! Sign me up! 🙂

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