A Puppy Retrospective

Maya is growing up well! And she’s learned that snow is even tastier than rocks.

When you get a puppy at the earliest desired age of eight weeks, you get a creature who:

(1)    Is an alien and does not speak your language

(2)    Has no idea why they should do what you want

(3)    Thinks like an infant

So how do you start training the Baby Alien Beast?  You make sure its needs are met—the physical ones first, such as food, water, “potty,” sleep, comfort, and security.  Then you deal with the other very important stuff: connection and affection.  This will help the little Beast want to please you, and it will make you both happy.  And THEN you work with what the Beast is programmed to do: follow (you become its substitute mama), take its place in the pack (make sure you are the leader!), and respect territory (set boundaries and expectations for you and your Beast).

Sound familiar?  This may apply to humans as well, though a few of us are not bone-gnawing pack animals.  However, if you are going to train yourself (*ahem* if I am going to train myself), first make sure you are well rested, properly nourished, safe, and secure.  Then deal with the talents, attitudes, and manners you are equipped with.




~ by rebuildingholly on November 16, 2012.

10 Responses to “A Puppy Retrospective”

  1. What a great action photo. And good advice.

  2. OMGosh she’s getting so big! Love this pic!!

  3. Great advice.. Love that shot of her..She looks like an amazingly sweet doggie 🙂

  4. She’s growing up soooo fast! Love the pic!

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