The Flashlight of Doom

Early Wednesday AM, I took Maya the pup to the nearest patch of woods to let her run free on the road.  The time change has bought us a little extra daylight to wander in the morning without feeling as if we’re traveling through the dark suburbs of hell.  Alas, those days will come soon enough, where I go to work in the dark and arrive home in the dark, making running and dog-walking into treacherous activities (though this usually means slipping on unseen ice and snow).  Maya trotted up to the first path that goes into the woods and turned around to ask, “So, are we going in?!”  and I decided to go instead of staying on the road.  Many years ago, some kids had gone to great trouble to clear some bike trails with banked turns and jumps, so there is a nice network of short trails that are perfect for dogs to explore.  The entry path was carpeted with a mix of brown leaves, and the light was filtering just right through the trees to make the paths especially inviting.  The light was also perfect for spotting a prize–look!

I’d found one of my best mini flashlights on the road while walking my old dog, and here was another!  The bright blue was pretty easy to spot against all the brown.  The light wouldn’t come on when I twisted the end of the flashlight, so I figured I knew why it had been tossed out.  I put it into my pocket and carried on.  The Qube was growling my name from a distance, and I obeyed the Qall of the Qube, completed the woods loop with Maya, and headed home to get ready for work

Later in the evening, I remembered the flashlight, and pulled it out of my jacket pocket.  I asked my husband if he could see if he could get it to work.  When he couldn’t, he figured he’d put in a new battery, so he opened the battery compartment.  It was then that he gave me a funny look.  “OK,” I asked him.  “What did you find–drugs?!”

He said he didn’t know what it was, but we’d see…and he stuck a pencil inside the compartment and pulled out a rolled-up piece of paper.  Weird.  And then he unrolled it.  I went over to the kitchen table and looked over his shoulder at this:

Pretty creepy to see this inside your warm little house.

Skeptic that I am, I figured some kids were copying a prop from a horror movie or just trying to have some fun.  However, Googling the phrase gave me no leads…perhaps the kids were writing a script of their own?  BUT…not many people travel through those woods–was it intended for me to find, or was it for the 80-year-old woman who walks her German shepherd there?  You think a joker would leave a message like that in a place where it is more likely to be found and get some attention.  Whoever made the note put some work into it, wrapping it up tightly, and taping the bit of string to it to make it easier to pull out of the flashlight.

After some thought, I decided I couldn’t keep a message like that to myself.  The nature of it was just too serious to ignore, joke or no joke.  I called the police, who decided to make a note of it but let me keep the flashlight for my own.  So here it sits, my little freaky tube of mysteries.  I’m not changing it right now, and I’m not using it.  I’m also not heading into the woods as much.


~ by rebuildingholly on November 11, 2012.

12 Responses to “The Flashlight of Doom”

  1. That’s even better than finding a working flashlight. But, I’m glad you notified the police. I hope they don’t take it lightly.

    • I don’t know quite what to make of the police response to this. They didn’t treat it as if it were a joke, but I’m surprised they didn’t pick up the flashlight (as they said they would at first). That’s why it’s staying as is for a while…just in case.

  2. So creepy! You should post this note on That’s just the place for it! BTW, I love your writing. Found your blog through my mom who is the owner of that beautiful header image. Looks really good there!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca! I will definitely see if Found Magazine wants to use this–never heard of it before, but this note definitely fits in with their work!

      I think your mom is extremely talented! “Limbs” isn’t the only photo of hers that got my attention. I also think you must be one lucky kid to have her, because her notes have made my day…

  3. Yikes!

  4. I’m surprised they did not take the flashlight for fingerprints or something (maybe I watched too much CSI).. that would seriously freak me out…

    • The police sergeant mentioned fingerprints, but maybe there would be no need without a crime (yet?) After trying to get that flashlight to work, I’m afraid the prints would be just mine and my husband’s.

  5. Quite terrifying. And the truly annoying thing is that, unlike in a detective novel or a film, you are probably never going to find out what really happened there.

  6. and THAT is going to make me crazy…

  7. I can see twin 1 doing that to twin 2 in my family…however, it’s still very creepy! I’m glad you picked it up!

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