Redesigning Rebuilding: Same Baloney, New Wrapper

Wha…HEY!  Something is different here.  Somebody cleaned up my blog and made it pretty and, well, individual!  How pleasant!  And wowza as well!  Though I appreciated the Koi design of my original blog, it always threw me to visit ten other blogs and see it staring me in the face.  Most of you have these sa-weet, unique layouts and pictures, and I jealously want everything you have thought it was time for me to update the look of my blog so that it stood alone and better represented whatever it is I am doing here.  (Damn.  That’s nearly the same line my bank gives me when they change the name of my “banking package” to better represent the services they provide.   And then they usually slip in some kind of sneaky monthly charge until I pay them a personal visit to protest, so you followers better watch out…)  In any case, I was blessed to have some time and talent on my side this weekend, and I am deliriously happy with the result.

When I started looking for an image to use as a symbol and header for my blog, I considered many things.  I kept in mind my pledge to be honest, my incessant whining, my love of nature, and my spiritual side, and then I Googled.  I found a photo that haunted me, captivated me…

I’ve always been in love with trees.  When I walk into a grove, I feel as if I’m walking into a cathedral.  Trees have always been one of my favorite subjects in my lame attempts at photos (besides the sky) and in my paintings and drawings (in addition to drawing the human form, aka “peeps”).  (Peeps meaning people, not peeping at people, really!)

There are so many things I found especially appealing about this photo.  The colors are astounding.  I can feel the strength of the tree.  I love the twisting limbs and all the smaller branches, always reaching upward toward the light.  That’s the picture of rebuilding a life.

I owe a huge thank-you to the talented photographer Karen Rexrode for graciously allowing me to use her photo, “Limbs,” as the source of the header for my redesigned blog.  I urge you to check out her blog and a gallery of her photos to get a glimpse of her talent.  Sometimes Providence moves in ways that are startlingly clear.  In a short flurry of correspondence, I found that Karen not only has amazing talent, but we share many interests, and she’s also blessed with a yellow Lab that she walks three miles a day.  This partnership is meant to be,  n’est-ce pas?

I also owe so much to my son, Computer Boy, whose expertise with WordPress made my revamp a romp.  He could have completed it in fifteen minutes if I’d backed off with all my questioning, extending the ordeal to an exhausting half hour for him.  *Sigh*  (No–He was actually very patient.  I’m not quite sure if he expected a bigger challenge or was simply relieved that my demands were pretty simple.)

BUT here’s another thing both Karen and Computer Boy reminded me.  We need to give credit in any way to the sources of the images we use (though LOLcat memes may be an exception).  I’ll attempt to provide that information for the images I use going forward.  Both had valid observations about this–Computer Boy was the one who urged me to write Karen, as he builds websites and strives to work by the book and keep it all legal!  Since I’m doing more artwork of my own these days, I’m also developing a personal interest in intellectual property.  Maybe one of these days I’ll produce something presentable enough to post on my blog, but I tell you–I’m having a lot of fun doing it.

So one last thing:  Huzzah!  I may not be whining forever!  Though the Qube still has me wrapped in its evil tentacles for 40 hours a week (update on that to come), I am making a ton of personal progress.  No one is as surprised by this as I am.  I promise to continue to keep you posted with what the political world calls transparency about my whining, observations, failures, and maybe even some successes.  Like I said–same baloney, new wrapper.



~ by rebuildingholly on November 10, 2012.

12 Responses to “Redesigning Rebuilding: Same Baloney, New Wrapper”

  1. Love the new look! And I’m with you on that giving credit where credit is due. If more people would take that simple step and those few keystrokes there would be fewer lawyers in the world! 🙂

    • Ooh–fewer lawyers! Never thought about that. And Internet law is such a sticky subject. I plan to get a tutorial from my son before he leaves today so I can do this image thing properly.

  2. I love the picture and the nice clean look, but for those of us who are starting to get visually challenged in our old age, the white lettering on black background is a bit hard on the eyes…

    • Good point. I don’t know if I can change the size of the font (color probably won’t happen), but I’ll check in to it. The text looks different from laptop to the big PC monitor for me.

  3. Very classy over here.. Love the header image and the clean style of the “new” blog!!

  4. Clean and unique. Nice change.

  5. I’m so glad Computer Boy urged you to contact me, there are many things we share in our life and this way I was able to meet you, albeit through the www. I love your blog and my image looks awesome as a header, more brilliant Computer Boy talent. Thanks for the credit and link too.

    • I’m so happy I can introduce others to your work this way, and I’m also happy we “met”! (in an electronic way, but that’s how the world works anymore) And every time I look at that header, I’ml thinking I need to purchase a print…

  6. It looks GREAT! (reading backward, again…trying to catch up!)

    • Thanks! Still need to mess with the font size in some places so I don’t go insane sticking my nose against the computer. The occasional Mach lines effect and that keep me guessing. Overall, with those trees and the template I picked to set them off, I’m very happy!

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