Small Changes for the Better

Gotta live what you believe.  Let’s start with media.

(1)  We pulled the two-bit crappy cable, because we found we were streaming most things we liked from the Internet, anyway.  Hey–Comedy Central, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel–they are all doing just fine.  Don’t need to buy any junk on the shopping channels.  Also, our cable was becoming unreliable and cutting out frequently, so if I wanted to watch “your world in 90 seconds” on the morning news, my 90 seconds was up as I unplugged the cable box and waited for it to cycle.  The nail in the coffin=over-the-air HD is a beautiful thing!  Now we have HD on two TVs for free, versus the crappy cable we used to have on two TVs.  We win!

(2) The crappy local newspaper is no more–we cancelled that subscription, too.  Ever since Gannett took over, it’s been nothing but fish wrap, and poor quality fish wrap at best.  Probably tainted.  There is no investigative reporting–for that, we have to read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Milwaukee is a three-hour drive from here.  The local newspaper reported only what was told to them, printed a page of McNews, and–best of all–jacked up their monthly fee $4 a month in September.  B-bye!  Online news is fine, as well as online ads, and if the news is big, people are talking about it, anyway.

(3) We did jack up the Internet speed to 30 meg now to accommodate our streaming needs.  I can now download my yoga podcasts in less than a minute!

(4) And to return to nonmedia…I’ve been thinking back to last year in October, which was the last painful month for my old love, Buck the dog.  It’s good for my heart to look across the room and see his sweet grandniece, now comfortably part of our pack.


~ by rebuildingholly on October 8, 2012.

6 Responses to “Small Changes for the Better”

  1. There comes a time when we have to downgrade our lives before we run the risk of being media slaves..
    Buck the dog’s spirit lives on and that is a grand thing!!

    • Downgrading the media, and taking advantage of the opportunity to be a LOT more picky has been very freeing! And you are right–I am sure Buck’s spirit lives on in the little one. His love goes on…

  2. I ditched cable here a long time ago….you’re right…over the air HD is fantastic! (You know there are several sub-channels under the first .1, right? That’s how I found “Power Yoga”…it was a .3!) And your comments about Gannet are spot on…when they took over our hometown paper exactly the same thing happened…no more “reporting”, just re-spewing of articles strait off the internet. Maya is such a sweet pup…glad she is filling Buck’s footprints….

    • I’ve been having fun exploring the subchannels, but I have yet to find any power yoga! Probably haven’t been on the PBS channels enough yet–they are fantastic. BTW I admit I am long overdue in making these changes. We talked about them long before moving on them. I’ll be watching you for cues from now on!

      • lol…I must admit I was motivated by “cheap-skated-ness” (is that a word? can it even be USED as a word? Plus I really don’t watch that much TV…as long as I can get PBS, I’m good with it…

      • Your cheap-skatedness is a cousin to my desire-to-get-my-money’s-worth. Those are both fine words and great reasons to cut the stupid cable and eliminate the sources of McNews from our lives.

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