More Guidance From Maya

As you know, the world is my metaphor.  Many of you are inflicted with this same malady.  It is a symptom of the analytical mind found commonly in bloggers.  So, while taking Maya on her early-morning walk (which tends to be longer on weekends), I ponder a lot, often in a Pooh-like manner.  (Just be happy I’m not dishing out thoughts about politics lately, because it just raises my blood pressure. )  I always enjoy the autumn scenery as I go,  but my mind just doesn’t stop…

I used to see parallels between life and gardening (which I devote less time to lately because I’m tired of fighting rabbits, deer, earwigs, Japanese beetles, drought…; Nature rules, but not always in the way we want it to).  More often lately I spot parallels between me training a dog and God/life/the Universe training ME.  So here are the metaphors du jour:

When walking in the woods, never lose track of what (or who) is guiding you.

Don’t strain against the leash that is leading you to the reward of freedom.

(I am trying not to relate this last one to MY training  right now, because I’m afraid of what it might mean.  I hope it applies only to puppies.)

Oh, and here’s a bonus, without a clear metaphor:

Don’t eat rocks.



~ by rebuildingholly on October 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “More Guidance From Maya”

  1. Lol…don’t eat rocks…! I used to know a dog that “fetched” rocks….he would bring me one, drop it in my hand, and wait for me to throw it. Then he’d go fetch it and we’d do it again. (Yes, he was finding the very rock I had thrown..)

    • Wow. Maybe if I turn Maya’s rock-eating into a rock-fetching game, it would keep her out of trouble. You know, it’s amazing that a dog can sniff out a particular rock.

  2. oh, bad. Had a friend whose puppy ate some many she had to spend a night or two at the vets while everything worked itself out with a little assistance. apparently everybody mustn’t get stoned.

    • Not THAT kind of stoned, anyway…though it might ease the pain a little. My neighbor had a dog that ate so many rocks they gave up on her after the third operation. I am determined not to let that happen, so I’m using all my tricks, and I’m making progress. Unfortunately, Maya seems to like cider vinegar with hot sauce, so that is not working well.

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