First Pup Out

musing Maya

I took Maya on a run today, and she did her usual trick–she picked up a stick that she just had to drag along on our trip.  She has a collection of fine sticks–this is her area of expertise.  When we run, though, she tries to impress me by picking up a particularly rare and challenging specimen.  Once it was a six-foot-long branch, but today’s was a log slightly less than three feet long but about 4 inches in diameter.  I feel like she’s trying to impress me.  She must have run a good mile carrying that thing (in a sturdy, mighty dog way, I must admit).  Then the conversation and reasoning began to flow from me.

“You’re the oldest pup of the litter, aren’t you?  The first one out of the womb?!”  I asked her.  “You can leave the stick, Maya.  Just put it down, it will be there if you want to come back to it.  You’ll enjoy the run a lot more if you’re not dragging that heavy stick!”

And she considered my opinion and left the log on the ground.  Then she ran.  She looked back once, and during our return trip, she bolted off to pick it up again, but then she came back without, ears flapping in the wind and a happy dog-smile on her face.

She reminded me of my oldest child, and of many others I know (ME ME ME) who sometimes drag around burdens that are way too big to bear, as if we have something to prove.  When we finally drop our heavy sticks, we enjoy the run.


~ by rebuildingholly on October 6, 2012.

8 Responses to “First Pup Out”

  1. This is utterly brilliant! And so true. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  2. Awww. bless her! And bless you too – and all of us who have these unhealthy compulsions…

  3. She is such a beautiful dog! And she has a very smart “mum”, too! Great blog, Holly!

  4. LOVE THIS!! And she is so beautiful!

    • Thanks! Running with the pup brings out the philosophical me. I’ve neglected to tell about her slogging through the mucky stream. I take the bridge, and she wades or attempts to jump, sometimes valiantly, and sometimes clumsily…

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