Amsterdam Again

Thirty seconds of this video will either stir your heart or convince you I’m hopeless.  It’s Imagine Dragon’s song “Amsterdam,” again (warned you!), and the reason it’s popping up again is that it is not only pretty damn good alt-jazzy listening, but this train ride stirred me and reminded me of something I’d forgotten…ADVENTURE.

When I first saw this, I thought of my kids breaking free from their hometown and taking on the world: my son exploring and loving Milwaukee, and my daughter going even farther, to Miami and then Providence, Rhode Island.  The first time my daughter took me to Boston, we rode the commuter train from Providence, and I felt that sense of adventure again for the first time in ages.  I miss it.  I want it back.  Didn’t Helen Keller write, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”?

Often I look at how I’d like my life to be if I could be ultimately free and unfettered, and it would be a grand adventure!  It’s not that I want to go on safari every day, or jump out of an airplane (still mulling that one over, though); it’s the attitude, the feeling that nothing is permanent and I have no obligation to conform to the narrow expectations of American society.  Adventure isn’t the hobby only of wealthy, privileged society; it’ should be everyone’s right to have abundant life.  There is a world full of ways to live…


~ by rebuildingholly on October 1, 2012.

4 Responses to “Amsterdam Again”

  1. I so hear you – and so often find that yearning inside myself. Perhaps it’s because I did not do enough adventuring when I was young and unfettered… All I can suggest is to find ways (even small ones) to let adventure into your life – and sometimes this can be adventures of the mind. For me, writing is a way to work out these impulses. Call it vicarious living and make me feel REALLY old!

    • I am adventuring close to home lately. The home improvement expenses and vet bills have left us temporarily strapped! However, there are plenty of adventures to be found nearby, even if it’s that bar and grill we’ve been meaning to try…Hey, adventures of the mind are also good in supporting the right spirit!

  2. My last child (of 5 kids) leaves home this year and I am FREE!!! No husband or home to tie me down.. I’m loving the options ahead of me and I loved this video!!!

    • Holy buckets–five kids?!! You deserve an adventure or two! I also think you should take full advantage of your freedom, but log them well so I can follow you on your way!

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