Cold Blue Light

I was startled a bit on tonight’s walk.  There was a clear blue light shining down on me and the pup.  The trees are only beginning to change, but the Sun and the sky don’t lie.  Winter is coming, and Maya and I will soon be taking our walks in the snow, and the world will be opals and diamonds.  Well, maybe…the forecast is for a mild winter, but I enjoy winter all the same.  I’ve grown to be a devoted fan of seasons, and I love winter as long as it doesn’t last from September to May, which it used to do in the Land of Cheese, but it seems to be doing so less frequently (not complaining here).  We can take our walks in the woods and appreciate the opal sky.

When my old dog died last year, I vowed to keep taking walks in his honor, but also because it’s good medicine for me (literally–sometimes it even cures my headaches!).  I didn’t keep up the walks as regularly as I had in Buck’s younger years, but I managed way more walks than most of the canine-free world.  You sure do see a lot of things as a devoted walker and runner.  Sometimes there are things I don’t want to see, like the couple who spends most of their evenings hanging out half clothed near their picture window…with the curtains wide open…and with soft lighting on.  (Oh the anticipation is so great in you that I can taste it!)  Unfortunately, I’m not dealing with, say, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie here.  Nooooo…I’m dealing with a dimply cottage cheese butt that is moving toward…oh no, they wouldn’t, oh no…don’t look!  don’t look!  Yeah, this scene happened three times before I changed my route.  I NEVER walk by that house in the evening anymore.

The most common evening sight is a silhouette outlined in the freaky blue light of the television.  Over and over, the same scene spills out the windows to my eyes.  I’m not a Puritan who doesn’t believe in TV.  On the contrary, I appreciate TV–particularly Comedy Central–and I can sometimes use a bit of trash to relax the wrinkles in my brain for a while.  Ahhh…it’s like a hot bath for the mind.  BUT I also don’t aspire to be one of the blue-bathed instead of the outsider that I am.  I’m happy to accept being an observer, hanging out with the dog, the nighthawks, the bats, and the Moon.  Sometimes it makes me a poet (haven’t inflicted that on you yet), often a joker (and a joker-poet), but always an observer.  However, I’m betting many of you writer types are the same.

at least there is no cottage cheese!


~ by rebuildingholly on September 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Cold Blue Light”

  1. Many years ago I read a futuristic short story about a guy who walked at night and all he noticed was the blue light of televisions in all the windows. But at least he didn’t see cottage cheese.
    Funny and philosophical post. Thanks.

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