Holly Goes to Tollewood

Depite all the fun and all the Maya, my daughter left.  Yeah, she turned 21, and though she wasn’t looking forward to her senior year of college (simply tired of classes, actually, but feeling good with college life and her future), she and her devoted little heart still packed up and left again.  It was not easier in the slightest for me to say good-bye to her.  Practice does not make perfect in that department.  I believe it was worse.  Fact: During all those earlier years of college, I could pretty much count on her coming home to make her millions as “beer-cart girl” on the golf course (great way to earn a few bucks, trust me).  ‘Nother fact:  I had been sure she wasn’t coming home this summer, because she had a job and classes she had to take.  However, she felt it was time to vacate the job, and those classes were over at the end of July.  I was blessed that my daughter came home, and I truly enjoyed every minute of it.  Worst of all, Fact #3:  From here on out, she’ll have college loans to pay off, and summers won’t be the same.  So this was the end of a special part of my life, and my heart was deeply bruised in the good-bye.  I’ll draw on my foolish optimism and vow to make a new tradition…maybe an annual trip together?  We’ll see how it evolves.

So I turn to Eckhart Tolle.  I became aware of a quote from Tolle (whoever he is) earlier in the summer.  Here ya go:

lovely, despite the little kite

Once you stop laughing at my foolishness, you should consider the idea carefully.  This isn’t a philosophy you should adopt with a public announcement, because some cold hearts are likely to take advantage of you.  “Here’s a one-way ticket to slavery—happy now?!!”  However, if you keep this in mind when you find yourself whining in self-pity, it can alleviate stress by helping you accept for the moment something you can’t change.  Simply deal with it as best you can and move on.  I’ve been experimenting with this for a few months, and it is extremely liberating, though I know it won’t be true for every event in my life.

I am tapped out.  I’ve missed writing, and I’ve missed what it does for me.  I’m sure none of you are hanging on my every word, but it’s certainly nice to know that someone made it to the very end of my mind’s wanderings for the weekend.

(Great trick in breaking this up so it’s not 2LDR, “Too Long Didn’t Read,” eh?  At least I hope that’s how it worked…)


~ by rebuildingholly on September 9, 2012.

One Response to “Holly Goes to Tollewood”

  1. I LOVE Eckhart Tolle! Haven’t thought of him in a long time, thanks, I’m going back to check him out again!

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