FYI I Am Not Dead

Not yet.

It’s been an atrociously busy time with the bathroom renovation (dammit, here she goes again!), learning to do things we did not know how to do–such as tiling and not killing each other fighting over our single remaining toilet.  That is very difficult in the morning.

The pup, Maya, is growing at an amazing rate and learning some new tricks herself.  Just when I have her off the flesh-eating thing (go ahead, bite Mama’s hand and see what happens!), she starts to leap up on people and things, enthusiastically greeting everything with her little puppy talons.  She is very sweet when she is exhausted.  As anticipated, though, even the quietest pup of the litter has enough energy for ten near fifty-year-olds.  The good thing about this is that we have bonded over running.  When the heat drops below the 90s in the evening, we race around the house and thank God we found each other.  I don’t know at what age I can start a dog running with me, but I will do it when the weather is cool (unless I put on the full-fur coat so I can understand her experience).  I have my new running buddy!  My vicious puppy will also protect me from potential crime on the trail.  And stray wrappers.  And maybe tasty, crunchy Japanese beetles (ick).

Went to my 30th class reunion last weekend.  Ho boy, yeah, I’m getting old.  Had a blast, though.  It’s always good to be in the hometown and back with people with whom you don’t have to explain yourself.  They know your family, where you’re coming from, and all the stupid things you once did.  Honestly, I find that refreshing.  And really, I came from a pretty good bunch of people.  I can enjoy their company for a boisterous four hours!

The sad parts of my visit to the hometown were (1) visiting the dying, and (2) talking about dying.  As for #1, I have some aunts who are not doing well, and my visits to Illinois often seem to involve seeing someone who may not be around for the next visit.  This time it was my aunt who has some serious emphysema, but she lived on (I’m not kidding here) sunshine, cigarettes, and Coca Cola.  That’s about all.  However, she enjoyed those things totally–she was a regular Coca Cola connoisseur!–and with the exception of the cigarettes, she indulges in her joys to this day.  She went out to happily tan her leathery hide right after my visit.  #2, however, is my father.  My health-foodie, yoga-boy father found a week ago that he has a melanoma.  He caught it early and had it removed, but that’s certainly not the skin cancer you want to have (if you want it at all, which no one does).  It can spread internally to become those things that “will get you in the end.”  Something will get every one of us in the end.  Dad is blunt enough to talk frankly about the “what-ifs” and lay out what he wants at his funeral and if he goes loony with brain cancer.  (Yeah, yeah, that may not happen, but if you can get your wishes laid out clearly in your 80s, you can go easily into that good, dark night…).  He did mention, however, in a conversation about a hospitalized elderly neighbor who can’t recognize her own family, “I hope you slit my throat if I get like that!”  No, Dad, there will be no throat-slitting from me.

So yeah, I apologize for being a rotten blogger lately.  BAD BLOG, BAD!!!  I clearly have the need to get a few things off my chest and get back to normal, but that’s not happening anytime soon.  My best thinking will come when my new bathtub is cranking out some steamy soaking water.  Ahhhh…that will also look better in the fall.

AND my daughter is coming home for a month.  A month!!!  She will be back in the Land O’ Cheese Fondue (hot flippin’ stuff) Friday AM, and I will pick her up at her brother’s on Saturday.  That, my bloggie friends, fills me with joy.


~ by rebuildingholly on August 1, 2012.

10 Responses to “FYI I Am Not Dead”

  1. You’ve got a definite way with words. I enjoy your blog! 🙂

  2. Hi Holly! Was wondering about you…glad to see the puppy is “coming along” the willy-nilly way puppies do.
    I am a melanoma survivor… ….and one of my brothers just had one removed also. They have made great strides, and I am sending best wishes for a long and healthy life to your dad.

    • Thank you so much for your concern, story, and wishes for my dad. It’s just unbelievable that a little spot on the skin can be the germ of something deadly. I am glad you survived to tell your story–and to think, your nagging mole was apparently developing for a while! Can you suggest anything from your experience?

  3. Throat slitting would be rather messy. I tell my kids that when I get old, doddering, cranky, and forgetful, I’ll take the pill.

    • You have to remember to take that pill, though, Teresa! If I remember, I am going to wander off across the prairie and become vulture food. I’d prefer to be owl food, but I bet they have better culinary taste.

  4. GIRL! I’ve been away for a few days too – just busy with life – so I’ve spent a happy morning catching up on you and Maya. SO glad your daughter will be visiting, too! And the pupper is precious – love the pics!!

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