Control Your Vibes

Yep, the pup woke me up early in the AM, though not by whining.  She was busy mauling Millie (the squeaky duck made of military-grade materials), and I couldn’t take the noise any longer.  (Note to Terri Lee:  I find myself thinking of you, your pets, and your beloved coffeemaker on a daily basis lately!  I always have the coffee ready to brew before I go to bed or I’d be totally useless when I get up.)  Like a fool, I’d stayed up rather late last night, because it was FRIDAY and my life was just beginning, as it always does on Fridays.  The sky was way too overcast for aurora-spotting this morning, but I spotted three Potato Oles some fool had tossed into the yard.  Not quite the same romance.

As Maya and I sniffed around the yard, I had another revelation, compliments of the Dog Whisperer.  (Yes, I am in love with Cesar Millan, though I’ve only read his books and never watched him on TV.)  I’ve been digesting his comments about the effects of a person’s energy in dog training, mostly leading with calm, assertive energy, but also projecting quiet approving energy when the dog performs the right behavior (instead of squealing in the baby/puppy voice) and staking out your territory in the house with invisible barriers, partly by visualizing them. (And dogs do seem to have a good handle on this territory stuff–you don’t even have to pee in your front room to do this!)  Dogs are known for their ability to sense unusual things such as seizures and cancers, though I’ve attributed this to their phenomenal sense of smell.  However, I have learned that I do better with the puppy training when I visualize the type of dog I want Maya to become.

Here’s the transfer of that revelation to the long-forgotten rebuilding thing:  I have clearly analyzed the crap out of my current life situation, and I know why I should make some changes, when (ASAP because I’m not getting any younger), how (freelancing is my next attempt), where (here is good–I like it here!)…really everything.  What I have been lacking is some sort of carrot to keep me working for a rebuilt, better life.  I am comfortable at work, but unsatisfied, so by Tuesday morning (NOT MONDAY), I slide into just trucking along, doing, existing.  The trick feels as if I should picture the kind of dog I want to be–the kind of life I want to lead.  I’ll be trying that to see if it will lure me ahead like a tasty bone.

By the way, I’m not a person for magical thinking, so I don’t believe that things will just happen or appear because I think them.  Goddesshood is not my department.  However, I do think that the right attitude, along with the habits that reinforce it, are keys in any endeavor.

And last of all, sorry for another foray into dog training, but to overanalytical types like me, the world is my metaphor.


~ by rebuildingholly on July 14, 2012.

9 Responses to “Control Your Vibes”

  1. Firstly, I think you are me.

    Here is why: I have a puppy called Taya (see what’s happening there.. Just one letter away from Maya).

    I insist in staying up as late as possible on a Friday night no matter how painfully tired I am. Why waste one of only two night where you don’t have to worry about getting up in the morning?

    I always have a ‘new me’ attitude about the beginning of a new week/month/year. It never happens.

    And finally, I am the most super analytical person you will ever meet. Incase you hadn’t already got that from my analysis of our ‘sameness’.

    So for all of the above reasons, I am now following you, yay!

  2. Some of us are motivated by dangling juicy carrots, some by menacing sticks… I found that I am only motivated by my own convictions and that the smallest doubt can scupper my ambitions.

    • Those menacing sticks are brutal, though it was initially a menacing stick at work that caused me to look for other opportunities. I agree about the small doubts, though–how do they trump the big convictions and visions? That’s what I’m trying to figure out!

  3. I’m a firm believer (because I had to reinvent myself after divorcing 5 yrs ago) that we can manifest our destiny.. Me, you, them..we can..
    PS- I love the doggie updates!!

  4. Love hearing about Maya! I’m dog crazy myself. Love wearing a fur coat. If I didn’t live in town, in a tiny bungalow, I’d have a ba-zillion of them.

  5. GIRL!! I’ve missed you – missed your posts! It’s been crazy busy around here but hopefully soon it will slow down. SO glad you got your pupper! And I’ll be catching up on your posts –

    • I’ll be catching up on yours, too. There is one open on my computer desktop right now with the attractive title about one’s job being a pain in the a$$. Did you write that one for ME?!! (doubt it) Yeah, life has to slow down sometime. I am demanding after this bathroom thing is done. Yesterday, the toilet went in. Today, the ceiling light and fan. Tomorrow…the wall tiles! I want my house back and my time back. I also wish I were the dog whisperer…This little beast is a challenging one!

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