Jiggly Bits

The puppy is settling in and head over heels in love with air conditioning.  To quote Whitney Houston (in “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”), “I don’t know why I like this, but I just do!!!”  That applies to the cushy crate she is quite attached to as well.  Have crate will travel.  She spent a few mornings with a puppy-sitter up the street—a young girl who had planned to baby-sit but has been short on customers.  Hey, it doesn’t get much better than being paid to attend a furry baby who sleeps for hours on end in a crate with a lock.  I won’t knock the girl, though—she’s doing an excellent job following my instructions, and she plays with Maya until the pup is exhausted.   It’s a good deal for all of us.

Maya’s damage is the heat wave she was born into, and mine is being immersed in reading the Dog Whisperer in my free time.  I’ve been quite obsessed with this, and it is spilling over into my everyday life.  I have two new writers at work, and the poor things are suffering through dog training.  What do you do when a writer chooses poor content?  Tap them on the shoulder as if with a claw, with the same intensity as you would use to get a friend’s attention in a dark theater.   This will correct them.  Distract them with a smell, such as a bully stick or treat (but don’t treat them for incorrect behavior!), show them the right thing to do, and give them lots of praise when they do it.  When they recover from their bruised shoulders, they’ll thank me.

My husband and I thought it would be the perfect time to add the excitement of bathroom renovation to our current agenda of puppy training, so we tore out everything down to the studs.  Now we are in shock.  It looks like a challenge we would have eagerly undertaken in our twenties, but at 48 (me) and 51, we are asking ourselves, “What the hell were we thinking?!!”  We bought most of Home Depot and are preparing to install the tub and maybe the floor tile tomorrow.  Neither of us has laid tile before, but we have been reassured by so many people who tell us it’s FUN and EASY.  Right.  I will let you know tomorrow, right after I pave the long and winding road in my bathroom.

Here’s a little bit of fascinating work from the hood.

a thought-provoking art installation

Snow White and her friend, the Mother of God

It’s just north of the former location of the metaphorical S**t Bag of fame  https://rebuildingholly.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/the-very-brief-tale-of-the-st-bag-in-a-tree-a-metaphor/.   I don’t know whether to call it a Senility Garden or a profound piece of gratis art.  I pass it regularly on my way to the bike trail on which I run (in less Saharan days), so I’ll have plenty of time to meditate on its meaning in the future when I walk the pup or run.  It’s sparked a thought-provoking fusion of ideas in me and my husband—that Snow White plus Virgin Mary combo is powerful:  “Snow White, Holy Mother of Dwarves”;  “Doc, Sneezy, and Dopey brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Holy Child”; and when we go way too far (yeah, I realize a Jesus figure isn’t there), it’s “Before the cock crows three times, Sneezy, you will deny me, “ or, “The dwarf who dips his bread into the dish with me will betray me…so get your hand out of the dish, Dopey!”

My job with literature allows me a lot of exposure to books from the UK.  Little by little, British terms have sneaked into everyday conversation at work–sometimes just for kicks, but sometimes due to the fact that we work with words and we’re immersed in British lit up to our ears to meet a UK deadline.  I’ve always loved the British use of the word “bits,” which seems to be used informally for many body parts (including genitals).  Anyway, I’m becoming more aware of my jiggly bits (around my middle) as the ongoing heat makes it hard to run in the Land of Melted Cheese (tomorrow the humidity will make it Alfredo Land).  I will take advantage of my puppy’s early morning wake-up call to go for a run in the AM the next couple days, and then I’ll nap later in the afternoon.  However, the name of my post refers to the jiggly bits of my brain that are spilling out today…

VERY IMPORTANT FYI:  If you are not into such geeky things as astronomy (one of my pet interests), then you may not know that our very active Sun has decided to bombard us with fun.  An X-class solar flare yesterday hurled a mass of UV radiation and general excitement our way, as in exciting those particles that love the poles and create auroras.  A clear Saturday night could be spectacular!  The mass of it is supposed to hit at 5:17 AM EDT Saturday, which will mean I’ll be outside with the pup for a pee, hoping the sky is clear and there is something interesting to see.  Here’s a link for more info: http://spaceweather.com/.


~ by rebuildingholly on July 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Jiggly Bits”

  1. A bathroom remodel during a heat wave? Are you crazy from heat stroke, my dear?

    • YES. Now I know what happened to me during that race. I’ve also been terribly forgetful. I locked my keys in the car–for the first time ever–in the ignition! 😦

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