The Puppy Has Landed

My husband and I picked up Maya the Labrador pup on Saturday.  Rather, we plucked her up out of the farmyard where she had fallen asleep, happy and satisfied, after playing with her brothers and sisters.  The 100-degree heat had finally let up, and the morning was in the 70s (chilly!  I even went for a run), so all furry beasts were breathing smelly sighs of relief.  Great time to whisk a baby away from dog paradise and the only family she had ever known to a new life in town.  Clearly, that picture is enough to make me feel a little guilty–guess I can be reassured that I am nowhere near a criminal-type person.  Trampling on anyone’s rights is not my thing, even if it’s the rights of animals.  Anyway, true to baby form, Maya explored the yard a little and promptly fell asleep in her bed to sleep like the dead for about three hours.  Our house was the first building she had ever been in, so she was hesitant to step inside at first, but we let her take her time, one tiny step at a time, with encouragement and reassurance.  The funny thing about dogs in the heat, which is also true of Maya, is that they LOVE air conditioning.  She stretched out and cooled her overheated pelt all the way down to her skin.

She is not brain damaged!  Honestly, I was worried about what would happen to outdoor pups in the heat wave the last couple weeks.  I kept picturing cooked brains and all kinds of odd behaviors, but they knew how to survive–digging into the cool dirt under the chicken coop was a particular favorite.  My experience in my last 5K has me attuned to heat damage–when the skin on my arms started to feel cool in the last mile, and then the words I wanted to speak afterward didn’t come out as they should (like “mwf mmf mwble”), I resolved never to run a 5K in the heat ever again, even if it’s my own 5K.  I was nearly their first casualty!  I don’t know what the next symptom would have been, but I keep observing myself for my own signs of brain damage.  I know they are there, just waiting to be discovered…Anyway, the lasting effect on Maya seems to be a deep impression of the Puppy Code, which goes something like “You snooze, you lose.”  When it’s hot during the day, she quickly finds a spot of bare dirt in the shade and has to be coaxed to leave it.  The best coaxing I have is to stand in the shade of the garage and call her (she has to go to the garage door to get into the oh-so-comfy AC of the house).  She will then sprint from one shady spot to another.  Smart dog!  Luckily, she plays like a lunatic in the cool of the evening and the early morning.

So, as I obligate myself to a dog schedule for training (it’s the best way to get good results), I’ll likely be restrained to short, unedited blog posts written in the early morning when the pup is down for a snooze.  The damage from my near heat stroke will certainly reveal itself…

Maya at ease


~ by rebuildingholly on July 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Puppy Has Landed”

  1. Oh my goodness what a precious puppy.. I can see she will be quite loved and very spoiled by you!!

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