because we really need something to hold it all together…

This is where I alienate people.  Well, I hope not, really.  It goes like this:  I count myself as a Christian—a very open and accepting one, because we have nothing if we don’t have love for people in all states of being and in all situations of belief.  I believe firmly that every person is of equal value, and that no single person or faith has the answer to life’s mysteries.  God speaks to all creatures in a language they can understand.  That about sums it up…Done.

But I can’t stop there!  In college, I traveled in two circles of “religious” friends—the Baptists and the Catholics.  It was a fascinating and amusing hobby.  The Baptists lived their joy, but they prayed for me not to become a Catholic.  Sheesh—I liked my Catholic friends a lot and was engaged to a Catholic!  The Catholics lived with a certain freedom and frivolity as they were quite certain of having been forgiven for their shortcomings.  Must be that regular confess-and-go-in-peace thing.  I always thought they could have relieved a lot of Baptist guilt with their sense of abandon.  The two groups exerted a great yin and yang influence on my life, even though they had supposedly sprung from the same source.  But hey, they both played great music, and I really appreciated each group of friends.  I continue that dance today, but it’s more like yin yin yang yin yang yang yin yin yin yangy yinna yang.  I have many dance partners.  I am either all denominations or a unique one of my own (really, aren’t we all?)  Some people will hate a person for that, but I’ll take my chances.

My son has recently gone through some difficult, growing times.  In case you don’t remember, a person’s early twenties are full of trials—testing out your theory about how a life should be lived, obligating yourself to a career path that sucks up a whole lotta time (and maybe your soul along with it), dealing with a lot of loneliness as your old, familiar circle of friends dissolves, entering very serious personal relationships that may or may not be for life, and of course, suffering to the core if things don’t go smoothly…

So this is for my son.  I know that YOU know I have a blog, because you helped me set it up.  There are two “takeaways” from my basic Christian principles that I think you could use right now, and I hope you take them to heart.  You know I believe there is magic in putting words into print, even digital ones that are only semi-concretish as they hang around out there in the cloud.  I also know I’ll have to force you to start reading my blog again someday…So here you go:

(1)    No one is perfect, so forgive yourself for your mistakes and forgive others for theirs.  I’ll rethink this when I start meeting a lot of completely perfect people, but guess what—I have yet to meet a single one.  Everyone has baggage, and everyone has shortcomings to work on.

(2)    You can’t stop the worries that come into your mind, but you can choose not to pay attention to them, and as you get better at this, you reduce the control they have over you.  The book of Matthew devotes some time to this topic, where Jesus says, “Which of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”  A single hour—time, our existence—is one of the greatest gifts.  Devoting attention to our worries gives us NOTHING of value.  I used to give a lot of time to my worries before I let this permeate my worry-riddled brain, often to find days later that those worries were unfounded and that the time I devoted to them was wasted and gone.  It takes practice to turn aside from the useless things that our brains churn out, especially in these days of epidemic anxiety, but it’s worth the effort.

(3)    (To be fair to my more Zen philosophies…)  Know that you are exactly where you should be at this time in your life.  That doesn’t mean that you should be complacent.  It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in changing your life.  What it does mean is that there is always something to learn from every experience.

Stay close to God, and know that He and I love you dearly.  I have faith in you and in the path you are on.


~ by rebuildingholly on July 5, 2012.

4 Responses to “rebuildingtheson”

  1. That picture is hilarious. Thanks for a good post.

  2. You did not lose me 🙂

    i enjoyed this post and yes, the picture is it!!
    have a great weekend!!

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