Quick Pupdate

I’ll interrupt my ranting and raving (which IS out of my system quite nicely now) to provide an update on the pup situation.  We visited the ten Labrador pups again to become better acquainted, and to (hopefully) choose our dog.  We were hoping to get a yellow Lab, as I can’t bear to get another chocolate like my old boy Buck quite yet.  Roger, the owner of the dogs, decided he’d keep the Siamese-cat dog–the one with dark “points,” as in a dark nose and paws, which left us with the yellow-cinnamon girl we’d be looking at way before she could open her eyes and look at us.  Roger said she’d developed a little blaze on her nose–sort of an imperfection to some Labrador purists.  Being fans of uniqueness (hey–we like knots in our wood, too), my husband and I were intrigued, and next we were in love with the pup.  She’s just what we need.  When Roger added, “She’s the quietest of the bunch,” I thought, “SOLD!” and asked if he’d take a check.  I wrote out a downpayment while the pups fell asleep on my husband’s boot…it was heavenly.

She will be “Maya.”  My daughter made the connection immediately: “Oh, like the Mayan calendar and 2012!”  Yes, so I won’t forget the dog’s age.  And if the world should end in 2012, I won’t be going dogless.

our girl is to the back left, with the blaze on her nose, looking very un-Labradorish

Maya, napping on my husband’s boot


~ by rebuildingholly on June 23, 2012.

8 Responses to “Quick Pupdate”

  1. So sweet!

  2. adorable pups and I love that name 🙂

  3. I picked the reject when I chose my dog too–those underdogs are always the best.

    • I agree. Our last dog was a leftover pup because he was a barrel on paws–just a huge beast! He had a heart to match his size, though. I’ll take a reject any day!

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