Grab a cup of coffee—this is going to take a while…

I offer a huge thank-you to Marina Sofia ( for the Inspiring Blog Award.  Marina Sofia, it’s reassuring that you’ve been between the rock (where I am now) and the, well, hopefully soft place I intend to land (I’m in a freefall thinking the rock is going to smack me), so you offer me hope that there is a life beyond the corporate/qorporate world, and you model the importance of, yes, finding time to write through all our adventures.   I also believe you brought to mind that powerful word, “consultant,” which sets me dreaming.  I’ll continue to look to you for guidance.

As a very, very new blogger, I’m thrilled simply when someone reads my ranting and raving.  I started blogging as a way to work out and document the change I am trying to make in my life (career, mostly).  There is a transformational magic in putting thoughts and plans into visible words.  Secondly, I’m staying true to my vow to be honest, which is why you read a lot about absurdities and stupid mistakes.  Ah well, I need something to keep me humble, like LIFE.

The rules of this award state (at least I think so, after some investigative work, and if I’m wrong, I’m rewriting the rules) that I must (1) nominate fellow bloggers for this award and state why SO YOU GUYS ARE IN TROUBLE, (2) give seven personal revelations about myself that would not ordinarily appear on my blog, and (3) publicly thank my nominator (kiss kiss again, dear!), providing a link to that blog.   Ironically, as soon as my revelations appear, I have broken rule one.  Here you go, a fascinating list of Holly trivia.

  1. My favorite word is “atavistic,” which I first spotted in John Hersey’s book Hiroshima.  Hersey wrote about how the Japanese people, after the bombing, poured into Asano Park “partly (according to some who were there) because of an irresistible, atavistic urge to hide under leaves.”  It’s not only a musical word, but a useful one—who hasn’t experienced primitive, throwback urges at some time?
  2. Music is life, and I will listen to anything (though I don’t promise to like it all).  It’s illegal in my world to change the radio station if the Boston is playing.  I frequently listen to a station on iTunes radio, “Big R Radio—Erin’s Chill.”  However, I am also a fan of the British boy’s choir “Libera.”  Here is my favorite Libera song:  I’ve recently wondered how I’ve gone so long without the discovery of reggae-boy Trevor Hall—so beachy, so mellow, so zen…
  3. Lately, I’ve been obsessed by the stupid look of rabbits as they run—yep, run, not hop.  Since the little bastards have been eating their way through my beloved gardens, I’ve found it’s fun to chase them—extra points if you get them to run!  Then I fall on the ground laughing at them.  However, we are all running rabbits.  We look stupid when we do things we are not meant to do, but we are amazing and graceful when we do what we are built to do.
  4. I have a B.A. in psychology, which is totally worthless and simply reflects my tendency to be analytical.
  5. I am a real chicken about changing my career, but I’m trying very hard to be bold, as I tell others to do–hey, it’s worked for them!
  6. My oldest brother, the Anarchist, has always felt he is a bad influence on my children.  He has often expressed his sentiment that American society is set up to enslave people, starting with public school’s indoctrination to turning over one’s discretionary time to regular working hours, charging high college tuition to obligate a person to loans that must be repaid, and setting the standard of the 40-hour workweek, around which there is little time for actual life or making a change to a better one without driving oneself insane.  This is by design, not universal truth.  The older I get, the more I tend to agree with him.
  7. I’m an organizer for a big 5K that is coming up way too fast.  We have almost a thousand people preregistered, which is terrifying yet thrilling.  It will be one fine party!  To distract myself, I’m trying to put together a new playlist for my own run.  Beyond the Red Hot Chili Peppers (channeling Stevie Wonder) on “Higher Ground” and Jill Parr’s “Reach,” I’m stuck.  I welcome any suggestions for highly motivating songs with a running beat!

Being so new to the game, I’m not sure I KNOW many bloggers yet who fit the Inspiring Blog bill.  I must add that my definition of “inspiring” is rather broad, but it takes into consideration the inspiration to be true to oneself.  I’ll get crackin’ on my faves and see what the count is…

  1. Terri Lee, you know this is coming.  Terri spins some crazy, long tales at  She focuses mainly on her torrid love affair with running, combined with oranges, zombies, traitorous children, and many other ordinary topics.  She generates some unbelievable illustrations to enhance the total effect…and I never skip her posts.
  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel is the most reliable blogger I’ve seen (far more reliable than I), and she manages to build her posts around a bit of humor or nostalgia.  They are often brief, but always enjoyable.
  3. Darren Lipman of will most likely be far too busy to even notice my puny mention, but he deserves mention and acclaim.  The man describes himself as a gay Jewish storyteller, and those two themes recur in his stories.  He is a seriously gifted writer, and he tackles fiction or nonfiction with equal accuracy and finesse—a true artist.
  4. JFT, another runner, writes at  She expresses herself with humor and honesty about the trials of running in your forties–and she’s a year younger than I am, the kid!
  5. Lynne of is another reliable blogger (a trait I soooo admire) with a knack for addressing a variety of topics in an approachable, readable manner, which inspires engagement on her site.  I’m especially fond of her Tuesday Po Day—she’s a natural poet, and we see far too little poetry anymore.
  6. I’ve only recently discovered the gifted writer of, who often explores facets of her son’s autism, giving her a unique perspective.  She is also a very thoughtful poet, and I look forward to digging into her archives more deeply.
  7. Last, I appreciate the expertise of Sheryl Allen, a freelance copywriter in Australia, on  I look to her as a writing guru, and every time I see the word “freelance,” my heart pounds in the same way it does in response to “consultant.”  Talk about inspiring!  Ka-slam ka-slam ka-slam ka-slam…

Hurray!  I identified seven, though there are many worthy writers in the blogging world (my Euniverse), whom I have yet to discover.  I really don’t expect you to take the time to follow the rules in the chain of awards, as I’m quite happy to express my appreciation of your talent and steer others your way.  Good enough.  (I’ll be notifying each of you personally after my daily stint in the Qube, to which I must depart soon…ICK.)

I’ll be off for next week—taking a long-overdue vacation after running (period) and running IN the 5K this weekend.  The break will give me a chance to reflect on the next facet of this rebuilding thing, aka getting a life.  My next target is the world of freelance editing, but I have to convince others that fourteen years of experience has shaped this psych major into a credible editor…As far as blogging, my laptop and camera will be going along with me into the North, but I may be slamming a wolf with the first or shooting a moose with the second.  Even with the lack of Internet service, there will be time for writing.  I’m sure all you bloggers will be envious…

~ by rebuildingholly on June 7, 2012.

15 Responses to “Inspiring…ME?!!”

  1. Good luck with your running (including running away from the corporate world and running after rabbits)! It has been my pleasure to discover and nominate you for this award. Keep up the writing!

  2. Thanks for the award, and for highlighting other bloggers so we can check out their sites. I’m not into running, but if you ever want to put together a relay for a triathlon, I’ll do the swimming leg.

    • I left you an official thanks on today’s blog post. :o)

      • That’s great, because I didn’t have time to send you an official notice before I went to work this morning! I think you are used to earning awards, Teresa, and you are very worthy of them…

    • I’d love to do a triathlon and NOT swim, because, well, I suck at it and get dizzy and would probably drown. Actually, I wouldn’t want to do the biking part, either, as I bike only as a commuter and am still haunted by the bike crash that cracked my teeth when I was young…Dibs on the running! Who will bike, then?

  3. Yeah, I’m still pretty much speechless here! And now I’m speechless AND have homework. *eep*

    Thank you Holly!! This really means a HUGE amount to me because I am a huge believer that words have power and when the way we use them touches someone we’ve never met, well that’s really the whole idea. Isn’t it?

    As an aside, I have my Bachelor’s in Psych as well. Coincidence? I think not!

    Wishing you all the best on your career change. I’ll be following that with interest. 🙂

    • Neener neener neener–at present, I have NO homework! It’s nice to have a break, despite the impending 5K of Doom (which is going fine, but I think sleeplessness will be setting in tonight). Just what are you studying? That’s another amazing coincidence…As far as the power of the written word, it is truly amazing what I’ve found in the WordPress world. It’s been way beyond my expectations in all the right ways–mostly reassuring and inspiring ways. I so needed that, and you are part of it. Thanks so much, and keep writing!

  4. Congratulations and thank you so much for the Award….. Enjoy your week off = )

  5. Thank you sooooooooooo much Ms. Holly.. I am on my way now to put together a thank you post & my list of *secrets*.. I started this blog just a few months ago and wondered would anyone read what I scribble.. support from people like you is what keeps me posting ..muchas gracias (about the only Spanish I know 🙂

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