Baby Robins Are Obnoxious: Another Charming Lesson from Mother Nature

Why haven’t I noticed this before?  Several times in the past couple weeks, I’ve heard a horrible rasping noise  outside in the yard.  When I investigate, there is a baby robin or two.  Ah, babies!…creatures that are usually irresistibly cute, but alas, these are demanding little speckled beasts, ordering their parents around and getting everything they demand.  GRRRRAAATE!   Grub in the beak…RAAAASSSPPP!  Bit of worm shoved into the pie hole… CREEEEAKKKK!  It’s time for you to leave the nest, you little freak!!!  These baby robins are the size of their parents, and they can fly for short distances.  The parents look small because they are working themselves to their hollow little bones, but their “little ones” don’t think their parents are working quickly enough or well enough–those inefficient, substandard slackers!  I’ve paused long enough to watch this spectacle to know it’s attachment parenting at its worst.  The babies demand, and the parents respond with a tidbit of food every thirty seconds to two minutes.  It’s sickening, and I’m waiting anxiously for the parents to chase away the babies or just ignore them.  It’s bound to happen!

Sometimes, when I listen too closely, I swear I hear the babies saying, “Popsicle!  Walmart!  Barbie!  Video game!  Gas money!  Tuition!!!”   Dear God, I’m going crazy…

Perhaps I live in a hotbed of dysfunctional bird families, but I’ve had enough.  I think I need a cat.

(I have a spectacular avant-garde robin flick that I shot through the window screen, but newbie blogger me has just discovered that I can’t post videos for free.  Rats!  And sorry…)


~ by rebuildingholly on June 3, 2012.

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