Holy Buckets of Fat! The Freshman Fifteen Has Struck Again!

Or maybe the Freshman Eight to Ten—it depends on the whims of the scale, really.  And this time I am 48, not 18.  At 18, a little bit of roundness might have made me look as if I were a good childbearer, in a Darwinian sort of way.  Now the thick middle just makes me look old.  I knew it was a living hell to work eight hours a day sitting on my a** at a computer and then come home to be tethered to a chair for another couple hours a day (and don’t forget the weekends).  It’s taken quite a toll on my health.  No wonder my summer shorts aren’t as roomy and my middle feels pudgy!  Quite ironic for a person studying for a health and wellness degree, don’t you think?  So now no one will respect my healthy intentions and studies because I am so much more well-rounded.  Crap.  Ah well, it’s back to more activity and the routine I know best—guess I just have to have faith that I can return my body to a healthy state again, one step at a time.  It’s another lesson learned from my $2,000 college adventure.



~ by rebuildingholly on May 27, 2012.

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