Hello, My Brain is Full of Cloudiness

I’m not sure there is a bright spot in my brain, but I do claim a bit of Moon Madness.

OK, so I found at work on Monday that I was RIGHT.  Ranting Devil Supervisor had actually approved on February 3rd (THIS year) the procedure about which he chewed my bottom.  But ya know, I haven’t done anything about it.  I printed out the document, wanting to shove it into his face and scream, “Hey, remember this?!!  Would you like to amend this document you looooooved so much?!” but despite my anger (which has faded somewhat to background noise), it feels as if I’d be sinking to his level if I became an a**hole over the whole deal.  I’m not quite above that, so I’m still considering my options, just without all the heated stewing business.   This is the story of my life in the beloved qorporate world.

However, as my second college career winds to a perhaps-temporary close, the realizations are setting in.  (Quick prayer: “Dear God, please keep my from overanalyzing the crap out of everything like I usually do.  Thanks much!  Love, Holly.”)  My latest qorporate-issue realization came when I overheard Devil Supervisor telling a nearby qubemate how he was going to support putting her in charge of training for the peon underlings/new hires.  *GASP* This could allow her to move up to Senior Qorporate-Person!  The sad thing is that when I asked myself if I cared—if I would be happy if I were told this—I was totally unmoved.  There are so many things in life that I am passionate about, but my present job is not even close to being one of them, so I will remain devoted to getting out of the Qorporation.  Any bit of clarity is a good thing.  Yes, I’m still involved with a New Product (caps intended as international markers of disdain), but I’m only slightly above being unmoved about that and into being-lukewarm territory.

My mind has been so busy with finishing up my two classes that I hardly know which day it is or what I’m doing when.  A few days ago, I was working on a paper to be posted when I thought, “Oh, I’d better be making some supper—something easy because I have to drive to the university soon for geography and CRAP!  I have to leave right now or I’ll be late!!”  Somehow an entire hour had been deleted from my life, without even sleeping!  To stay true to my vow to be entirely honest on this blog, even when it reveals how quickly I am sliding into senior dementia or rabid insanity, I’ll confess to something else that is wonderfully embarrassing.  The paper I was diligently writing this week, taking full advantage of my last stand on the soapbox for this particular class, was polished to a fine finish and posted yesterday AM.  I eagerly waited all day for people to take on my arguments and post their opinions and comments.  I really poured out my soul on this one!  I waited and checked and waited and checked and waited…Nothing.  At this point I noticed that all my classmates had posted earlier–a full five days earlier than usual.  Oh no…I checked the due dates on the final paper and assignment, and I was already late—the due dates were not the usual Saturday and Sunday.  Not that big of a deal, but I’d vowed to finish my classes with class, so I prepared to comment on every paper and finish my assignment, regardless of them being late and me beginning the catch-up work at 10:30 PM.  It was a late night, but it’s done.  My grades, without the final paper and assignment, are still good, and I did the right thing—I went down in  flames the classy way!  Tonight I will sleep well.  Tomorrow, I’m buying my summer flowers.


~ by rebuildingholly on May 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Hello, My Brain is Full of Cloudiness”

  1. Whew.. you are one busy woman.. How do you do it all. Oh I know by losing hours here and there.. You have spunk..I like spunky people 🙂
    Post some pics of the flowers..

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