(First, I need to apologize for a few things.  I’m purposefully vague in my description of corporate/qorporate happenings.  I can’t risk dismissal, as three tuitions rely on my pay, and I want to leave on my own terms, not theirs.  Hopefully you get the gist of what is going on, and maybe you’ll relate better if I am a bit oblique.  Secondly, I’m starting to be bored with my qorporate rants, so I plan to take a break from them ASAP.  However, a story is in the making…)

ah, clarity…

A little gift from God fell into my hands while I was getting some clarity on my windows today (yeah, weekends are a great time to unplug the brain with some tedious cleaning tasks, but the rewards are so great…).  I realized that the same qorporate procedure that led to me being on the receiving end of a supervisor’s loud rant of torment was actually one that said devil had APPROVED many months ago, after reviewing a document outlining the procedure, authored by none other than ME!, which he reviewed, gave his seal of approval, and expressed his extreme gratitude for my diligence, expertise, and clarity.  YEEEE—HAH!  In fact, if my e-mail records go back far enough, I may have that same sweet thank-you at my disposal, though I’m positive I have the original procedural document.  I now realize the extreme, overblown reaction of Devil Supervisor may have been symptomatic of a bruised ego because he hadn’t spotted the procedure-gone-awry first.

Now, the trick is in using this revelation most wisely and effectively, in a manner that suits my moral standards, despite the rejoicing in my heart and a huge desire for vengeance.  In church, I’ve often been advised to “prayerfully consider” something, usually making a donation, increasing one’s tithe (…a common thread, n’est-ce pas?).  I will be prayerfully considering how to use this handy discovery of mine, which is sort of like asking God for help in handling a loaded gun.  However, I will use the weapon properly, unlike Devil Supervisor.  I also fully appreciate that being a faithful, moral person does NOT imply doing nothing when a wrong is committed.   I will keep you posted, in more ways than one.

FYI I had the best run in ages today—4 miles of cruising.  I am a veritable LOLcat of joy.



~ by rebuildingholly on May 6, 2012.

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