And The Qube Rears Its Ugly Head

where qubes are not found in nature

Holy Mother of God…

I bet you didn’t know that Qubes have heads.  They do.  They are Qube-shaped.

Again, pondering the events of the past weeks—mild, nagging events in the Corporation (Qorporation?)—I’ve pinpointed my main gripe with corporate culture (culture, really?  Qorporate qulture?  DAMMIT!)  that bothers me so, and why it essentially disagrees with me.  This is the evil, steaming, stinking core around which the rest of the gripes revolve:  Those at the top of the qorporate feeding chain are expected to degrade and oppress those below them.  Not only do I and the other creatures at my trophic level NOT deserve this treatment, I am expected to do the same to those who report to me.   I understand that there have to be techniques in place for dealing with large numbers of people in a business, but this is wrong.   I will not do it, nor will I accept it.  As you may have gathered, I respect deeply the value of each person (see the cemetery blog), and I’ve realized that qorporate wellness really is an oxymoron.  Now you understand why.  Now I understand why!  No person can be entirely “well” when they are treated in this manner, for the majority of the waking hours in their week, which reduces the value with which they see themselves.

As I rode my bicycle out of the parking lot yesterday—my bike commute is my best time for thinking and for talking to God, and hopefully paying attention to those cars that are aiming to gun down hippie pinko little me commuting on a freakin’ bike in the Land O’ Cheese—anyway, I pictured myself riding out of that lot for the last time.  Intentionally, with joy, not the last time because I was whacked by a texting, smoking, soda-guzzling driver who realized way too late that they have only two hands, not five, and one of those hands really SHOULD have been on the wheel and firmly connected to the brain, which may or may not be connected to the foot that is somewhere near the brake and AAAACK it’s an old hippie woman on a bike!  (Back again from my reverie…) Anyway, I pictured exiting that parking lot for the last time, headed off into the sunset for better things, and it was good.


~ by rebuildingholly on May 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “And The Qube Rears Its Ugly Head”

  1. how much longer ’til you can do that? i enjoyed your bicycling reverie.

  2. I don’t know, but I’m working hard on it. The second college-degree route is painfully long. Fortunately (?), my meager salary is easy to replace.

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