One More Thing I Know For Sure

6. There are butterflies everywhere.

(I sense another metaphor here.)


~ by rebuildingholly on May 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “One More Thing I Know For Sure”

  1. I saw a beautiful butterfly outside my office yesterday..Black wings with some yellow & red.. so pretty!!

    • I wonder what kind of butterfly you saw…sounds pretty! I went for a run while I was in my latest corporate funk, and there WERE butterflies everywhere when I came home, including a beautiful, floaty swallowtail. It seems early for them, but it sure lifted my spirits.

  2. On Wednesday my friend and I went on a riverwalk. I tried to follow a butterfly. They’re faster than one would think.

    • Did you try flying after it? 🙂 (Oops… the insanity kicked in again…) Anyway, I’m thinking I’ll add a few butterfly-friendly plants to the garden this year. Some of them won’t winter over in this zone (USDA-wise), but it will allow for better butterfly-spotting.

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