Love Me, Love My Hair

My hair is growing more quickly than ever, which seems odd at this point in my life.  I am very skilled in hair cultivation.  As it seemed inappropriate to have grayish hairs trailing longer and longer down my back, I had my stylist chop it off at shoulder length and layer it brutally a couple days ago.  Sans comment from my husband, I asked him point-blank if he liked the shorter cut.  He said that he liked it, but he admitted that he liked my hair best when it was straighter.  HAH!!!  That is against the rules of nature, like defying gravity (in more ways than one).  Has he not been paying attention for the last 28 years?  My hair will not obey, and neither will I…Mruah ha ha ha ha ha!


Amhairican Idol

I am not Phil Spector, but the resemblance is striking!


~ by rebuildingholly on April 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Love Me, Love My Hair”

  1. that…
    For the first time since teenage years I actually have long hair now (shoulder length)..I would love some of your curls or kink..mine is straight as a board….I’m seeing a shorter style coming in these hot summer months!!

    • And I’ve always wanted straight, fine hair! Sometimes I’d show my stylist a picture with that hair–“Can you make my hair do that?” After so many “ughs” and “nooooo’s,” she finally taught me how to work with what I have. Voila! Always the best call. So you need something for straight, short hair, to keep you cool in a couple ways!

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