The Pushup Initiative, Which May or May Not Be Related to Victoria’s Secret

uh-huh, yeah, that’s me–a 48-year-old woman doing pushups…cool, huh?

A friend of mine started doing pushups in January as part of her workout routine.  She was once a swimmer, so upper arm strength was never really a question for her–for some women it just isn’t.  She can now do 100 pushups in a workout, though broken up into smaller sets.  I am one of those women whose arm strength is zero on a scale of 1 to 10.  Being inspired by her, I decided that hey, a person can do anything if they really work on it, so I may as well drop and give 10.  I gave only 4, in a spectacularly crappy fashion.  So I’m working on it, just to prove a point!  I give my 10 whenever I can during the day.  I am proud to say that after 4 weeks, I am up to 10 pushups at a crack with pretty decent form (it can be done!!!), and I will continue my quest.  As for Victoria’s Secret, maybe this initiative will also push up my chest region…but probably not.  After having two kids, I seem to have the flat chest of a marine, but I am going to have a pair of really bitchin’ arms!


~ by rebuildingholly on April 6, 2012.

8 Responses to “The Pushup Initiative, Which May or May Not Be Related to Victoria’s Secret”

  1. Good for you on the bitchin’ biceps, but if you want really nice arms, you should take up swimming instead. It’s like yoga in the water, and I know you already like that. And then instead of angels holding your hands, mermaids will :o)

  2. I’m on the same goal! Except I keep ‘forgetting’ to do mine…

    • Nice! We can all use that upper body and core strength. How is it going for you? I had to alter mine a little–I was scolded by a coach for diving into “boy pushups” before mastering the form. Sheesh. However, he did get me to do both tricep pushups and…the type where your arms are placed wide (“standard” pushups?). That’s an improvement!

      • good job! I do the tricep dips on my fireplace hearth. My trainer told me the secret is to get my shoulder blades as close together as possible. It works!

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  4. Hey Terri–here’s a surprising update: Now that I’m up to 20 tricep pushups and 30 standard ones (girl style for now), my shoulders and chest have never felt better. Any tension and pain seems to have disappeared. I would never have guessed that the cure for those is strength!

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