Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Deciding factors in my latest college journey:

(1)    5 years with little free time doesn’t make a lot of sense at this point in my life

(2)    I have no guarantee of employment at the end, which is true of most college degrees anymore…


(1)    I really enjoy the classes (what a sicko), and I need intellectual stimulation, a reason to pay attention, and a more liberal and like-minded group to hang around with

(2)    So…I don’t exactly want to quit, especially now that I’m in the habit

This all adds up to the fact that I need to get a more precise idea of what I want to do so I can figure out where to put my effort and energy.

And then what happened today?  More corporate meetings, and more advancement down the path of this, *ahem*, “product” of mine.  Just what the hell is the universe trying to tell me, anyway?


~ by rebuildingholly on March 22, 2012.

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