Sleep, Slacking, and Sunlight

Amazing!  I woke up this morning with a vastly improved attitude (I’m still working out that mathematical/geographical representation thing).  It’s the best I’ve felt in months.  I woke up to warm breezes, lots of bird calls, a perfect blue sky, and a musical refrain from church repeating in my mind, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.”  It’s always good to keep in mind that every day and everything are gifts from God, even on the bad days (though that “gift” part is much harder to grasp on those days).  I’m sure it’s also partly a result of getting a more precise picture of what’s happening in my life.  Maybe Spinoza was right: “Emotion, which is suffering, ceases to be suffering when we form a clear and precise picture of it.”

I got eight hours of sleep last night after a very sleep-deprived week.  Eight hours!!!  I usually sleep seven at the max on the weekends when I keep my wretched alarm clock turned off.  In addition to the beautiful day, I woke up to odd little pockets of puffiness under my eyes, but I really do not care.  They are happy pockets.  I think I’ll draw little smiley faces on them and get on with life.  Didn’t I have a rebirth of happiness (or optimism) last weekend after catching up on my sleep, too?  Lesson: no matter what I claim about the necessity of not freaking out due to a lack of sleep, it’s a whole lot better to get enough sleep on a regular basis.  People are generally much more stable when they let their brains complete the work they have to do.  (Another quote, this time from Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata, which circulated widely in the 1970s: “Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.”  So true!)

Slacking…oh joy!  This day is entirely up to me for once.  I’ve been left on my own (not like lonely-on-my-own, but in the I’ve-got-a-fair-amount-of-unsupervised-time-on-my-hands-today way).  Even though I have to do some things that are work, they are work things that I choose to do, not work things that have been chosen for me.  I think I’ll tackle those work things early and then get out for some sunshiney slacking, proudly displaying my mysterious undereye critters.

For the last part, my change in attitude is clearly linked to the early spring we are experiencing in the Land of Cheese.  I never thought I suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I have to give it much more consideration.  Springtime has always given my moderately optimistic attitude a huge boost, even when I lived in other parts of the country.  I try to prevent the adverse effects of winter by getting outside a lot, but weekend walks in low sunlight and evening walks in the dark just don’t seem to be doing the trick.  I think it’s time to start making a midwinter tropical vacation a regular part of my life agenda.  Even better would be to have employment that would not imprison me in a Qube during the better, sunnier parts of every blooming weekday.  I’m working on that one…

So I’m a new woman again, on a Sunday.  At least I have a better idea why!  Now I’m off to rejoice in the day…


~ by rebuildingholly on March 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sleep, Slacking, and Sunlight”

  1. Slacking…oh joy! This day is entirely up to me for once.
    When I have days like that, I like to stay in my jammies. And then I consider it a really great day if nothing comes up that requires me to get dressed in street clothes.

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