I’ll Get This Time Thing Right This Week, I Promise!

I need to go on a time diet, with room for dessert.  I don’t want to account for every minute of my day, but it helps to have some no-brainer routines in place that make for a better life, help me resist the bad influences of corporate and modern American life, and help me keep living for a better day. I’m taking some tips from one of all-time favorite books, CrazyBusy by Dr. Ned Hallowell (I have the book on CD, and I recommend listening to disc 3 for great practical advice).  He makes the point that there is simply not enough time in life to do everything, so we have to choose wisely, keeping in mind a few things, including these: Do what matters most to you, create a positive emotional environment, and find your rhythm (certain helpful routines).  So, here is mine:

5:15-7:30 AM:  Drink a really good cup of coffee, watch Joyce Meyer (5:30 to 6 AM in this part of the world, and yeah, I’m that kind of girl, but she is incredibly uplifting in her messages about being brave in following your heart and reaching out to God), plus do some simple yoga (giving credence to the theory that it will undo some of the damage caused by negative emotions; yeah, I’m that kind of girl, too).

Homework 15 minutes (that saves me 1.25 hours of evening time—a good return!).

Listen to really good music while preparing to depart for Qube.  No sappy stuff or death music.  (Why in the world do some people willingly put themselves through those extra minutes of agony?  Do they really enjoy misery?)

7:30AM-4PM  Weekdays: Guard integrity of Qube.

4PM Weekdays: Put Qube existence into perspective.  Before leaving work, take a peek at the earthquake monitoring website http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/ to see what’s shaking and http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/, which makes the Qube situation seem really insignificant.

4PM Fridays: Rejoice.

(I sense a problem here.  Why am I not rejoicing every day?)

Weekends: Live.  Well, pretty much, except for tying up the loose ends of my homework and taking care of the typical maintenance tasks of cleaning, buying groceries, and doing laundry.  Those things are necessary and OK.

Evenings and at some time on the weekends: Run, do yoga, swing kettlebells or handweights for at least half an hour.  I am a much more balanced person after some exercise and quality time with my iPod.

Unplug brain (daily):  Good choices include catching up with The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, or reading The Onion, in order to get some accurate news combined with the humor to make it tolerable.  My dog also taught me to take a walk every day (RIP Buck—I miss you, buddy).  It’s one of the best things for the soul, so I continue to do it and will be ready for the next dog!

Last of all, try to get enough sleep (around 7 hours is nice), but don’t think it’s a tragedy if I don’t.

Here’s the irony.  My problem is overscheduling, working myself to death.  That’s an epidemic today.  Too many of us don’t leave enough unscheduled time to do some real quality slacking.  So, I vow to do all the above plus slacking.


~ by rebuildingholly on March 12, 2012.

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