Foolishly Optimistic, As Always

Song on the iPod: Sting’s “Brand New Day”

Drink of choice: Espresso

Sting says it’s a brand new day, and so it is…Here’s a little background: My mother suffered from depression that she never seemed to conquer, and it ultimately, obliquely, led to her death (a reaction involving her antidepressants).  Growing up witnessing such depression day in and day out has a profound effect on a person.  For me, I resolved never, ever to be like that, and fortunately my body chemistry agrees (unlike my mother’s, whose body chemistry was the basis of her depression—hell, it was more like a family tradition that came from her Irish roots—and led her to a mass of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that supported her depression and could never be broken).  So as a result, I am foolishly optimistic.  Optimism springs up in me every morning, sometimes in ways that are way too quick and possibly not even realistic.  But I will die happy, especially if it’s in the morning.


~ by rebuildingholly on March 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Foolishly Optimistic, As Always”

  1. Great last line!

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